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Sabin Vaccine Institute

  Founding Chairman of the Sabin Vaccine Institute H. R. Shepherd – expert on aerosol medication; author of “Aerosols : Science and Technology”; founder of Aerosol Techniques Inc (renamed Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, acquired by Medeva PLC)–  had this to say on the receipt of a $100 million gift from the Gates Foundation :

 “Vaccines are the most powerful tool available to equalize the health of human beings in every corner of the world” he said. “Enlightened leaders understand the power of vaccines to help bring peace and opportunity to the most troubled places in our world. Vaccines are the microchip that will revolutionize healthcare”  http://www.sabin.org/files/SVR_No1_Vol2.pdf
January 29, 2010 [news] “Gates Foundation Pledges $10 Billion to Vaccine Research” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/01/29/AR2010012903953.html  “DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $10 billion over the next decade to research vaccines and make them available to the world’s poorest countries, the Microsoft co-founder and his wife said Friday…’We must make this the decade of vaccines,’ Bill Gates said in a statement.”
February 2010
Bill Gates: “If we do a really great job; on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services –we could lower [population] by 10 or 15 percent…

Sabin Vaccine Institute, founded in 1993 after the death of Albert Sabin, http://www.sabin.org



“The Sabin Vaccine Institute is a nonprofit educational and research foundation.  Its mission is to save lives by stimulating development of new vaccines and by increasing immunization rates.  It was founded in 1993 and named for Albert B. Sabin, developer of the oral polio vaccine that has been at the heart of the nearly-complete worldwide effort to eradicate paralytic polio.  The Institute’s headquarters is in New Canaan, Connecticut and it has an office in the Washington, DC area.  Additional information about the Institute is available at www.sabin.org. “


The Cancer Vaccine Consortium is an organization that rallies under the auspices of the SVI http://cancerresearch.org/programs/research/cancer-vaccine-consortium/leadership.html


“Thanks to dedicated support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and our other dedicated donors, we’re helping to end the suffering of billions of people by fighting infectious and neglected tropical diseases worldwide through our major research, development and advocacy programs”..President, Peter J. Hotez – GWU School of Medicine – “called ‘one of the world’s few hookworm experts’..who says ‘Hookworm is a particularly serious problem in rural China’…Hotez frequently visits remote areas of China”…

The Rockefellers’ 1909 “Sanitary Commission” was initially founded to eradicate Hookworm, first in the southern US and carried to an international scale in 1916. Hotez and SVI, funded by Gates, are the heirs apparent to Rockefellers original mission.


Board of Directors:

 Maj.Gen. Phillip K. Russell – grad of Johns Hopkins, MD from Univ. of Rochester [med school founded by Abraham Flexner; site of Manhattan Project biological experiments]; Director of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Reseach (WRAIR); Special Advisor to the International Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI); served the President’s (Clinton) Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments ; advisor to the B&M Gates Foundation


Board of Trustees



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