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Polio Diplomacy describes the complex activities of building a modern global medical infrastructure in the twentieth century; activities that intensified in the 1930s as radiation-assisted genetic science expanded and then virtually exploded alongside the Atomic Bomb. The spread of polio is a means of tracking nuclear proliferation and as we shall see, especially during the Cold War, nuclear intentions.  The ‘year 2000’ redoubled effort to eradicate polio by vaccination has become a tyranny of the first order. More than any other aspect of the Polio Story, polio diplomacy reveals the depth of covert globalization and humanity’s present “genetic crisis”.
   Polio vaccinations should have been stopped. They were going to be in 2000. Most of world’s circulating disease-associated polioviruses are acknowleged to be vaccine-derived, but there never was a really “wild type” of natural poliovirus. The artifice begun in the first decade of the 20th century is now the artifice of the 21st. Polio, cancer, AIDS, vaccines, transgenics and “equalized” populations have ended the domain of the once free-living species known as ourselves.
“Vaccines as Instruments of Foreign Policy” — Peter J. Hotez, Sabin Vaccine Institute: “the notion that vaccines may function as agents of conflict resolution is one that has deep historical roots… The modern era of American vaccine diplomacy followed on the heels of the Marshall Plan… In the 1950s, when polio epidemics occurred every summer in North America, Europe, and the USSR, Albert Sabin began to work closely with Soviet virologists… It is not widely known that the attenuated polio strains developed in Sabin’s laboratory at the University of Cincinnati were transformed into a clinically useful oral vaccine with the help of Soviet virologists… What followed was a remarkable example of Cold War diplomacy, in which Soviet children were among the first to receive test doses of the oral polio vaccine… Like polio, the control..of smallpox was the product of Cold War vaccine diplomacy.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1084093/
   Beyond the nuclear issues, observation of polio vaccine field testing in the 1950s and 60s is revealing in its scope for occurring in places with independently-minded populations ; USSR, USA, Canada, Ireland, Finland, Cuba and central Africa. The vaccines were not only useful as a tool of State repression, endorsed by various governments against their own people, but significant of emerging globalized power and the targeting of natural resources in service to that power.  The objective of this webpage is to document the progress of vaccine diplomacy as a tool of the global superstate and describe these controlling forces in a geopolitical context.
   After decades of failed or impeded efforts to create a vaccine against polio, the imperative to mass-produce one in the United States took shape in 1951 with the opening of the Nevada Proving Grounds (NTS) for atomic weapons tests, which caused an immediate climate of radioactive fallout across North America. Contaminated snow samples in Ann Arbor Michigan, collected in January of ’51, were merely a harbinger of things to come. The military had extensive plans for the NTS to function as a ‘nuclear battlefield’ for ground troops, and contrary to PR surrounding polio as an ‘infantile’ disease, 80% of U.S. polio victims where between 15 and 40 years of age by the 1950s. Thermonuclear superbombs had just been approved for development in 1950 but the H-bombs would not be tested domestically until a polio vaccine was in hand.  In that year, 1955, the deliberate sabotage of the Geneva negotiations to prevent an arms agreement with the USSR met with its ultimate goal of cooperation in the campaign of “Atoms For Peace”.  Nuclear proliferation was assured.
Lewis Strauss, as the new Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, recalled that in October of 1953 “It seemed to me to make very little sense that we should withold from our allies information on the effects of radiation resulting from atomic explosions… We could give this information without compromising the secret characteristics of weapons. We had been able to measure these radiation effects with considerable success incident to our weapons tests. Familiarity with them would make our allies better able to protect themselves in the event that atomic weapons were used against them by the Communists. This was in the days before the intercontinental ballistic missile…. I told our British friends that, while the law forbade realization of their hopes for restoration of the partnership which existed before the [1946] McMahon Act, we were now prepared to consider including a new ‘area’ to the information we might exchange, to be defined as ‘the effects on human beings and their environment from the blast, heat and radiation… I believed in the importance of having allies and was happy to have taken part in ending the estrangement in technology…” [pp372-373, Men and Decisions]

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“Canada was the first country to mine uranium. The world’s first uranium mine was at Port Radium, NWT, on the shore of Great Bear Lake. Canada was also the first country to refine uranium on an industrial scale. Uranium for the World War II Atomic Bomb Project was processed in secrecy at Port Hope, Ontario.” http://www.ccnr.org/nuclear_primer.html; countering this claim of the Canadians is the history of the Union Miniere du Haut Katanga in the Belgian Congo.

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