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Dr. Mary’s Monkey“, a 2007 republished production of the original book “Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus” from 1995, is a story about the secret medical experiments conducted by the plotters of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 New Orleans. According to the claims of its author, Ed Haslam, who has drawn an autobiographical account of his experiences uncovering this conspiracy, a ‘super-secret’ particle accelerator which was hidden on the campus of the US Public Health Service hospital was used for a Manhattan Project-type vaccine program to counteract the cancer-causing monkey viruses in polio vaccines. The famous orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alton Ochsner, and Dr. Mary Sherman who worked beside him at Ochsner Clinic, supervised this covert operation and another headed by CIA pilot and extremist David Ferrie.
   David Ferrie, Lee Oswald, Judyth V. Baker (Oswald’s ’63 girlfriend and lab technician) and an untold number of anti-Castro Cubans were enlisted in an underground sub-project to create a special ‘galloping’ cancer with which to assassinate Fidel Castro. The remnants of these underground labs, scattered in neighborhood apartments, were stumbled upon by Jim Garrison’s investigators when the famous case against New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw finally came to trial in 1967. The true nature of these projects, however, has remained mysterious. Mary Sherman, who had direct contact with Ferrie and Baker, was murdered in 1964 and the murder covered up;  following, as Haslam claims, a “mercy killing” of Sherman after a horrible accident with high voltage, possibly from the linear particle accelerator. The coverup of Dr. Sherman’s “accident” was staged as a kinky murder in her own apartment where a failed bedding fire could not account for her grievously mortal burns.
   Judyth Vary Baker broke decades of virtual silence in 2000 and made contact with the producers of CBS ’60 Minutes’, prompted by her awareness of the Haslam story.  After a significant investment in researching her story CBS declined to air it in public. At that point, recalls Haslam, “they brought her to me”.  Judyth is the living witness who worked in the shadows at David Ferrie’s apartment, culling tumors from mice and monkeys for the making of a lethal cancerous bioweapon intended for Fidel Castro. She was told by her handlers that she would be helping them prevent World War Three. All the while, in that spring and summer of 1963, nineteen-year-old Judyth was falling in love with Lee Harvey Oswald.

polioforever>>>The priority challenge to the theme of Dr. Mary’s Monkey hinges on the “accidental” inclusion of SV40 monkey virus in polio vaccines. When news about SV40 contamination went public in 1963 (or perhaps 1959, a year before its ‘discovery’), SV40 may have already attained a “scientific opinion” as not dangerous to humans. Accumulating evidence on SV40 (vacuolating virus) is being added to this page https://polioforever.wordpress.com/sv40-monkey-virus/; Consequently, polioforever proposes an alternate theory based on emerging evidence that SV40 was an intentional additive to polio vaccines for genetic tracking purposes, literally assayed for its T-antigen, called Tag. What is unclear to this researcher is whether the transgenetic value of SV40 was known earlier than the late 1960s when it shows up in the literature.

Ed Haslam  weaves together a premise that puts the JFK assassination, contaminated polio vaccines,  modern cancer epidemics and AIDS into a streamline narrative that he’s been delivering for many years in its current form, since at least 2003. The fundamentals have been well rehearsed. The speech is thick with emotive buzz words.
But is it true? Is it true that monkey viruses cause cancer? Was  polio vaccine contamination by SV40 monkey virus “the biggest mistake in government history”, as Ed claims? Was this project the origin of AIDS and HIV as Haslam’s suggestive ‘fusion’ indicates?
Read AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire (on the book by Dr. Nancy T. Banks) for a brief medical look at HIV/AIDS: www.jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2010/12/22/aids-opium-diamonds-and-empire/ According to Dr. Banks and cited medical experts, HIV has never been isolated and the AIDS epidemic is based on scientific fraud. Relevant information negating “cancer” viruses is part of Dr. Banks’s important work. She adds valuable instances of timing, such as “In 1951, the Epidemic Intelligence Service was born”, just as the Nevada Test Site was activated and the polio vaccine campaign kicked into high gear. She writes, “AIDS was a lifeline for those researchers whose grants would otherwise have been reduced after years of effort looking for ‘oncoviruses’. They were not about to reject the opportunity for a secure income. Failing to find a viral cause of cancer, they were more than willing to turn their attention to the new villain ‘HIV’ to continue the influx of research money.”[p18].  Like polioviruses, the particulate proteins called HIV were “co-cultured with cancer cells” and the drug AZT, used to treat HIV- positive victims, was conceived as a cancer treatment. Quoting Peter Duesberg: “Even very few oncogenic retroviruses– those endowed with cancer genes– hardly play a role as carcinogens for two reasons. First, viral cancer genes accidentally acquired are never kept by retroviruses after they are generated because they are entirely useless to the virus. …Second, even if a rare oncogenic retrovirus infects an immuno-competent animal, a small tumor will appear within days after the infection, only to disappear again as the animal develops antiviral immunity. Antiviral immunity kills both the virus and all virus-infected cells.” [pp54-55]
The web of power behind AIDS http://www.smokershistory.com/AIDSconx.htm;
The HIV-AIDS debate http://www.theperthgroup.com/
   In June of 2010, I ‘met’ Ed Haslam briefly on the internet to ask questions and challenge his assertions and conclusions from his book based on information available in this blog. Hostile and disingenuous treatment convince me that Dr. Mary’s Monkey was designed to propagate a ‘spell-binding’ piece of medical-historical fiction. The author has ambition to craft an ‘Oliver Stone’ screenplay and turn his work into a feature movie. Details of the story, transcripts from audio interviews, and supplementary information below present another possibility about the so-called “super-secret, Manhattan-style” vaccine experiment, which I believe, if true, was a cover-up for unaccounted uses of a super-sized industrial  linear particle accelerator. Critical statements from Judyth Baker and additional comments from Ed Haslam from the ‘JFK Murder Solved’ forum are included. The forum thread, with it’s original title below, was locked shortly after a disclosure from Haslam revealed that he learned about Mary Sherman’s death (date and details) from the New Orleans Public Library, not from a personal remembrance as he claimed, and the title changed to “Ed Haslam Discussion” :

Is Ed Haslam disinfo?

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.
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[forum members were allowed to edit their posts at will –one notable redaction by “Dealey Joe” expunged a private email between DJ and Judyth Baker defaming my character. DJ said he did not have permission to post it and was advised to remove. I don’t know at this time if further edits were made after the thread was unlocked and I was no longer able to post, however the subject matter was continued by forum members in other threads]
A version of the JFK assassination, based in part on Michael Collins Piper’s book ‘Final Judgement’ is here: www.ronpaulwarroom.com/?p=7789 , offered temporarily without comment until follow-up research is complete.
Information about linear particle accelerators  and the presentation of Haslam is here: www.jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/particle-accelerator-101/
Particle Accelerator 101
Addendum to the original post:
Nuel Pharr Davis, author of Lawrence and Oppenheimer (1968) writes about Ernest O. Lawrence’s first new postwar linac, an extravagant five-story accelerator called the Materials Testing Accelerator (M.T.A.), built at great urging by Lawrence between 1947 and1950 to produce “substantial amounts of plutonium” [and tritium, for hydrogen thermonuclear purposes] (p270). The M.T.A. became the centerpiece of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which grew up around it expressly for weapons development. Accelerators of this size-type have no recorded use in biology or medicine other than the potential production of radioisotopes (and Haslam gives not one example matching this type!) however, they are proven contributors to nuclear weapons! Details have been added to “Particle Accelerator 101”.
The real main character in Dr. Mary’s Monkey, in my opinion, is the accelerator. On first reading, the premise immediately begins unraveling by the claimed applications of this accelerator –Haslam ensures a conspiratorial mystique by acknowledging that the accelerator had none of the “medical use” features!
So, is Ed Haslam disinfo? He says he’s “making a case” for an investigation into Mary Sherman’s death, but to what end? Mary Sherman appears as the least relevant character of Dr. Mary’s Monkey although her role in medicine as a bone cancer specialist is not uninteresting. She would have known extensively about fluoride and radiation damage to bone and marrow but Haslam never mentions fluoride and gives no particulars about her work. If, as he suggests, Mary was killed by a stab to the heart to spare her from further suffering after a certainly-fatal accident, then what precisely is to be gained from an investigation? Haslam makes it known that he believes Dr. Ochsner performed the expert “mercy killing”. And..so…what then? Is there another well-of-secrets somewhere just waiting to be found? Wouldn’t someone making a case by publishing a book set out a clear objective stating his expectations?
–The object it seems  really is to make a movie, subsequently made plain by Haslam and played off by an interviewing foil.
[excerpts, part 1]
Haslam: Mary Sherman went to the University of Chicago…which is an organ of the Rockefeller Foundation – it’s where the neocon thinking came out of and it’s the headwaters of nuclear, biological and chemical research in America…
This book is first and foremost an investigation into the death of Mary Sherman…
..I didn’t even want to write a book –I mean, all I was trying to do was answer some questions for myself..
 I had heard from some Jesuit priests in New Orleans about a linear particle accelerator that was hidden somewhere in uptown New Orleans
[part 2]
(min. 2)
 [Polio] was kind of a disease that hit the upper class…there was this huge effort to develop a vaccine and in April of 1955..they held a press conference and had given a couple hundred kids some carefully prepared vaccine… [polioforever>>>1.8 million kids had already been inoculated with the standard Salk IPV in the vaccine trial]
(min 5)
Dr. [Bill] Deagle: …Whoa! –this needs an ‘Oliver Stone’-type movie made on the basis of your book.
Haslam: I agree with you.
Dr. Deagle: Yeah! This needs an Oliver Stone touch.
Haslam: ..people have told me [the book] is documented like a masters thesis.
>>>polioforever: notwithstanding what people say, significant mistakes in the book such as Enrico Fermi accomplishing chain-reaction at U Chicago in 1937 (the timing was December of 1942) or the audio repetition of Jonas Salk’s location as Santa Barbara (Salk was in San Diego), were cavalierly dismissed by Haslam on the forum and shunted off as a lack of “fact-checkers” from the publisher. But originally,  Haslam was the only publisher and fact-checker. Isn’t the book his 15 year effort at research? If he gets the easy-to-check facts wrong, what about the impossible-to-check “facts” of personal disclosure? If  the subject was a grade-school exit exam, could Haslam get himself out of highschool?
The interviewer, Dr. Bill Deagle himself, has called for a Mahattan Project-type vaccine for the public against Bird Flu (H5N1), aired in 2005 along with Dr. Henry Niman at the audio archives of www.iamthewitness.com .  Deagle was a medical contractor to the U.S. military with talkative top-secret patients, he claims, and was present on the scenes of the Columbine highschool shootings and post-9/11 WTC, who currently stages expositions of whistleblowing and ‘truthing’ on patriot-styled forums. In 2009, Deagle led an outcry against H1N1 vaccine in those venues, a complete reversal of his 2005 position.
Readers, be aware that uncountable numbers of dedicated JFK assassination researchers who participate in debates and forums do not think Ed Haslam or his witness Judyth Baker are credible. This page exists to explore alternative possibilities, indulging the given premise of Dr. Mary’s Monkey to the extent that some of its elements may apply to different circumstances. Ed Haslam is far from the only person putting a spotlight on “cancer-causing monkey viruses” in polio vaccines. Hopefully, in due time, there will be adequate scientific rigor brought to bear on the controversy. The subject requires the evaluation of many experts devoted to the binding principles of well organized evidence. In the meantime, I do not suppose that sloppy and misinformed journalism is without a propaganda purpose, entertaining the idea that Ed Haslam is participating in a large concerted effort to promote false leads.
   For example, under Haslam’s influence it appears, Judyth Baker has changed her story about the cancer she worked with in New Orleans. In a 2003 two-hour dvd interview, produced by Wim Dankbaar, Judyth says she was working with Tom Dooley’s melanoma cells in the secret lab project –no mention of SV40. Recently, however, JVB now says it was SV40 that she was ‘weaponizing.’  Dooley’s melanoma is never mentioned.  http://thatradio.podhoster.com/index.php?sid=1746  (Conspiracy Cafe with George Freund, Oct. 20, 2011)
Haslam rolls out his theme:
Audio: interviewer Herzog http://mp3.oraclebroadcasting.com/  March 14, 2009
Haslam: The JFK thing is kinda incidental to the book
I didn’t set out to write a book. I set out to answer some questions for myself…
There are connections to major global epidemics going on today…
Jonas Salk..lived on the bluffs in Santa Barbara…[polioforever>>> Salk & institute are in La Jolla, CA, adjacent to the UCSD campus and near to the Scripps complex]
Edward Murrow, the great television interviewer, interviewed him one day on his show and said, ‘Look, Dr. Salk, the only thing I know about this vaccine that you’re peddling is that it starts off in a monkey’s kidney and winds up in a child’s arm and you’re telling us it’s safe?’ The point that most Americans don’t know about is the fact that polio vaccine was grown on monkey kidney cells… [polioforever>>> after the polioviruses were developed on human HeLa cancer cells]
Ochsner knew Jonas Salk twenty years…
[and] was close to the polio thing because of his ownership in Cutter [laboratory]…Richard Nixon’s right in the middle of this puppy… [polioforever>>>Haslam suggests Nixon’s “war on cancer” was a result of his knowledge about SV40 in polio vaccine and credits him with making his cancer program the first significant act of his administration. Preceding that program however, ten months after his inauguration, Nixon renounced the use of biological weapons and ‘repurposed’ the campus of Fort Detrick to include the NIH, “disappearing” bioweapons into mainstream medical research. This appears to have been a reinvigoration of a 1958 cancer virus program under Eisenhower-Nixon that was chaired by New Orleans native Stanhope Bayne-Jones, chief of the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board (AFEB) ]
..[there are] three flavors of polio…heavy, medium, and light…
..the strain that they were putting in there was capable of killing children as Dr. Ochsner found out…
..in 1955, they released the Salk vaccine…In ’56, they released the Sabin vaccine –at first with syringes and then [the sugar cube]…
In 1957…Sarah Stewart and Bernice Eddy proved to the satisfaction of the National Institutes of Health that they had found a virus dubbed ‘polyoma’… [polioforever>>> polyoma was discovered in 1951 and named by Ludwig Gross. Later, between 1959 and 1963, a great deal of research was performed on polyoma and SV40 viruses by the Fellows of the San Diego-based Salk Institute: “The group published two papers on the discovery that polyomavirus induces the synthesis of cellular DNA in stationary cells.People expected it to be making viral DNA, but it was turning on the cell cycle, probably to create a milieu to replicate its own DNA… It was a very exciting finding.’http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(07)61500-1/fulltext; “Renato Dulbecco [of the Salk Institute] described his research on what happened to the DNA genomes of polyoma and SV40 tumor viruses after they have infected a cell. He showed that the viral DNAs were integrated into the host cell genome.”  Polyoma/SV40 viruses, in other words, are agents for transgenes, engineered recombinations of DNA http://symposium.cshlp.org/site/misc/topic33.xhtml]
They definitely said ‘We have a cancer-causing virus here’. When that happened it flew open the floodgates of Congressional funding..and all these places started getting lots and lots of money. It was so much that Sarah Stewart’s boss complained he couldn’t figure out how to spend all the money…
One of the things they started doing was buying electron microscopes and giving them to places like Yale, Harvard and all this stuff. They started cataloguing all of the monkey viruses that they were finding…SV40..came from Asia, the Rhesus monkey…
Okay, here’s the point. After they had released a hundred million doses of the polio vaccine, they found it was a cancer-causing virus in the vaccine…
..This is the biggest mistake in the history of government!
…[they said] we’re gonna call this one a national security secret, okay?..So before the public finds out and lynches us, we would like to come up with a solution and we’re in a hurry –okay?
..SV40, they’ve got one flavor and it’s all bad. So how are we gonna make something out of an all bad virus –maybe we can get the virus to change a little bit. Maybe we can make a friendly version of it. All we have to do is do some experiments and maybe we can get the DNA to change a little bit and see if we can come up with a benign strain of it…
..Well, we got this big machine. It’s called a linear particle accelerator. It shoots beams of radiation…I mean, it’s like the X-ray machine on steroids. These machines are so powerful that they can strip the impurities out of a diamond….Now, they’re taking this machine and they’re gonna start shooting it at monkey viruses to try and produce a benign strain so they can make a vaccine to stop the cancer-causing virus that they released in the polio vaccine, and do it all in secret because they can’t tell the public that they mass inoculated all of your children with the cancer-causing virus…
I got out the NCI statistics and I photocopied them and typed them into my computer and did some graphs and Whoa! –we’re looking at a massive epidemic of soft-tissue cancers that erupted after the polio vaccine…
I have the graphs showing the cancer epidemic. Just ask yourself a common-sense question : Do you know anybody with cancer? ..Cancer used to be so rare…
..why isn’t the media running around screaming the word ‘cancer epidemic’ at everybody..
(min. 35)
..[back then] they got a linear particle accelerator and they said ‘We need a world-class team on this. We need our very best people. We have to do this in secret and we need to get going on it now. So they set up this operation –normally this kinda stuff would be done at Ft. Detrick or Bethesda or up there at NIH or the National Cancer Institute but they didn’t want anybody to know about it. So they hid this down in New Orleans and they put it on the grounds of the US Public Health Service –they said– for people not familiar with the US Public Health Service, it’s kind of a branch off the US Navy, they all have Navy uniforms and it’s a military thing and when you go to their facilities..those facilities were guarded by US Marines with guns.
So this is a facility with a wall around it, about 13 or so buildings on the campus and guards at the gate…one of the buildings at the back, they named the Infectious Disease Laboratory just to keep out the casual traffic –they set up a linear particle accelerator to do these experiments on the monkey viruses that were in the polio vaccine, trying to mutate them.
Now, this is very imprecise –science, you know– shooting a beam of radiation through the DNA of a virus is just a little bit like shooting a gun into a computer, ya know? You know you’re gonna change something but you don’t know really what you’re gonna change….And while you’re hoping to find this nice little strain that doesn’t do anything so you can make a vaccine out of it, you’re also getting back more agressive strains like you’ve never seen before…
Now, Mary Sherman is..officially an orthopedic surgeon –bone doctor– but she is a specialist in bone cancers. She is so good at what she does..[she’s]..cream of the crop of orthopedic surgeons…she’s also published in the use of radiation…She’s an expert in radiation. Why?, because she comes from the University of Chicago…
So, Sarah Stewart is involved in this. Mary Sherman is involved in this. Dr. Ochsner is involved…[and] of course, they had a linear particle accelerator so they have to have an operator…and I’ve tracked down the person who I think that is. I’m not gonna say his name..because I’d like him to stay alive…and I tracked down the guy that built the linear particle accelerator in New Orleans…and he said that normally..there’d be something like a mortgage, a payment plan where you’d set it up and over years you’d pay off the huge expense of setting this thing up. He said the one in New Orleans was paid off within a week and he got six different checks from six different bank accounts in odd amounts of money. [polioforever>>>N.P.Davis’s biography of E.O.Lawrence demonstrates that huge amounts of private funding from wealthy donors was funneled into particle accelerator construction –with no info to go on, this scenario could just as well be a typical scheme a la Lawrence. One of the more intrepid linac builders was Lawrence’s colleague and friend, Luis W. Alvarez**, who assumed many of Lawrence’s Bohemian Club connections and patronage]
For those of you not in the intelligence business, that’s called money laundering. And the only people capable of doing that, you know, is basically American intelligence, alright? So we’re talking  that somebody misused American intelligence money-laundering capability in order to finance a laboratory here in the United States. I want to make a point on this that is really crystal clear to me. On June 27, 2007, the director of the CIA, Michael Hayden, held a press conference to ‘open the kimono’ and show off all the family jewels that had been hidden back in a document in the 1970s after Watergate….There were eight family jewels and he said ‘Here we are, full disclosure, and we’re gonna tell you..’
Well, guess what? Jewel #1 is 100% redacted!
(break, min.48)
So, Jewel #1 is missing! Jewel 2 is that the CIA hired the mafia to kill Fidel Castro. They’re willing to tell us that and they’re willing to tell us what numbers 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 are, but they’re not willing to tell us what Jewel #1 is…
..the CIA knows that they did something in this window of time right around between 1959 and 1964 that was so agregious that they are unwilling to tell the American people even a single word about what it was.
(min 49)
So, what was it?
…I’m gonna speculate here and all they have to do to shut me up is reveal what Jewel #1 really is…
They know that the CIA used their money-laundering funds to build this linear particle accelerator on the grounds of the US Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans so that this team of elite medical people led by Dr. Alton Ochsner could mutate monkey viruses to stop the cancer-causing virus that was in the polio vaccines, okay? That is my accusation.
[end audio excerpts]
 **Luis Alvarez, trained through his PhD at U Chicago under Arthur Compton, made his contribution to the JFK assassination : “[Alvarez’s] application of elementary physics to the evidence on the John F. Kennedy assassination verified the Warren Commission finding that only a single assassin was involved” [listed in the Gale Encyclopedia at www.answers.com/topic/luis-alvarez ; Alvarez demonstrated a retrorecoil “jet effect” by shooting a watermelon, captured on film  http://www.jfklancer.com/galanor/jet_effect_text.html
Spanish-Irish-American Alvarez claimed Cuban ancestry from his father’s side. www.fas.org/rlg/alvarez.htm Walter Alvarez, Luis’s father, was a research physiologist and medical internist at U California (UCSF, overseer of the world’s greatest concentration of polio patients) and Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic. Haslam writes that Alton Ochsner’s uncle “A.J. Ochsner’s best friend was William J. Mayo, founder of the famous Mayo Clinic” [p170].
  Luis Alvarez; in concert with Ernest Lawrence, Edward Teller and Adm. Lewis Strauss, Alvarez was a primary mover in this foursome agitating for thermonuclear ‘Super’ weapons
Mr. Haslam claims life-long ’insider’ status for his information (his father was a US Navy Commander, orthopedic surgeon, President of the New Orlean’s (polio) Crippled Childrens’ Hospital, and a Tulane professor) although there is little to no verifiable information available to readers about most of the witnesses or propositions put forward in the book. Specifically what those propositions are is not entirely clear although Haslam promotes the book as a “case for an investigation” into the murder of Dr. Mary Sherman.  The name change and re-issue of Dr. Mary’s Monkey appears to be a vehicle for Haslam to manage his star witness, Judyth Vary Baker, who through contact with Haslam has been forced to flee the U.S. and live out her days in controlled isolation.
My take on this is here: www.jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/dr-marys-flunky/
New Orleans, bear in mind, was designated as the leading stateside Navy ship repair facility around 1946. It’s possible that many of the contaminated vessels from Pacific tests were refitted in New Orleans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Support_Activity,_New_Orleans

Suggested background on the JFK assassination: the book FINAL JUDGEMENT by Michael Collins Piper http://www.amfirstbooks.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=17    Piper makes a case that JFK was thwarting the nuclear-weapons ambition of Israel. He writes “Israel achieved its nuclear weapons capabilities precisely because of the assassination of President Kennedy.” He notes an American Free Press headline: “New Evidence Ties Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program to the New Orleans Connection in the JFK Conspiracy“. MCP relates that an updated edition of Final Judgement included new information from a “source with intimate, high-level knowledge about the NUMEC nuclear plant in Pennsylvania that smuggled nuclear material to Israel (see Ch.8) provided documentation..that the family of Edith Rosenwald Stern.. were key financiers behind NUMEC. Mrs. Stern was the closest friend of Clay Shaw… Another NUMEC investor was Pittsburgh’s CIA-connected ‘right-wing’ billionaire Richard [Mellon] Scaife…” A side point about NUMEC’s founder, Zalman Shapiro, is that he used particle accelerators to strip the impurities from diamonds –a repeated feature of Ed Haslam’s gee-whizzing on the power of linear accelerators, however Shapiro and NUMEC never enter his story. Seymour Hersh goes to lengths in ‘The Samson Option’ exonerating Shapiro but a newspaper record of covert human experimentation over the years of NUMEC’s operations tells otherwise.

NUMEC Used Apollo, Parks as Guinea Pigs[headline, Aug.28,2002]– “If you lived near the former NUMEC nuclear fuel plants in Apollo and Parks in the 1960s, you were part of studies to determine how much nuclear fallout was safe for humans. You just didn’t know it. And neither may have the workers inside the plants, who were studied to see just how much radiation the human body could absorb… But what were the results of the tests?… The extent of the tests will most likely stay unknown… ‘Private contractor sites like NUMEC fell off the map’ said [Dan] Guttman… results of the ongoing [lifetime] study are not availablehttp://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/valleynewsdispatch/s_88353.html

Larry Elliot, director of the office of compensation..at [NIOSH]..under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said investigators have been unable to determine..exposure of the Apollo workers because of a lack of data… But he said: ‘It was a dirty site. The conditions were horrible.’http://www.vindy.com/news/2008/jan/06/nuclear-plant-workers-getting-reparations/

Zalman Shapiro http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zalman_Shapiro

Polio and SV40: http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2010/07/10/why-were-monkey-viruses-in-polio-vaccines/

The NUMEC “missing material” controversy is an unsolvable problem, highlighted by the facts of production in radioactive materials. The Manhattan Project itself faced a chronic problem of missing material at Oak Ridge.  “The reason: not all of the feed material was separated into the two component isotopes during the processing. Much went astray and had to be recovered from the walls of the containing vessels and parts of the moving parts… All parts of the operating mechanisms, therefore, had to be removed periodically, then cleaned and washed by steam, acid, and electric stripping.”[p.189, Manhattan Project, Stephane Groueff] –A known dirty business, and this was at a time of such restricted supply that every possible microscopic amount was needed. The NUMEC premises, under conditions of carefully cleaning and stripping, have been yielding back quantities of fuel isotopes greater than was even guessed to have been taken in.
   An October 2011 article by Grant Smith states “NUMEC’s venture capitalist David Lowenthal and founder Zalman Shapiro knowingly failed to comply with even the lax AEC standards in force in the 1960s for handling radioactive waste at NUMEC.. disposing of waste in a large field adjacent to the plant. NUMEC’s waste site was staggeringly inappropriate.  According to Atomic Energy Commission surveys and more recent USACE studies, groundwater flows freely throughout the dump… Tellingly, both Lowenthal and Shapiro refused to live anywhere near Apollo or Parks Township, preferring spacious homes on the same leafy street in Pittsburgh, all the better to host visiting Israeli nuclear weapons program officials.”   http://original.antiwar.com/smith-grant/2011/10/19/americans-pay-dearly-to-maintain-israels-nuclear-secrets/
Dirty Business: “Despite claims from France’s nuclear industry that 97% of spent nuclear fuel is recycled” these documentary filmakers found evidence that only 10% of ‘reprocessed’ uranium makes it back into the fuel cycle with today’s technology.”Waste: The Nuclear Nightmare” http://123nonstop.com/watch_online_movie_video/Waste:_The_Nuclear_Nightmare



The book is Ed Haslam’s autobiographical account of his experience as a JFK Assassination researcher, having grown up in New Orleans exposed to the Jim Garrison  version of events. The original work was called “Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus”, published under a pseudonym in 1995. The new edition included a “witness”, Lee Oswald’s 1963 girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker, who went to New Orleans to work as a cancer specialist in the secret laboratory project overseen by David Ferrie and Dr. Mary Sherman. Judyth was made to believe her lab skills were going to be employed to create a fast-acting “galloping cancer” bioweapon that would be smuggled to Cuba to kill Fidel Castro. She was told, with her help and utmost discretion, World War Three was going to be prevented.

Haslam’s proposition and first discernable fusion is that a very “well intentioned” but top secret Manhattan Project-styled anti-cancer vaccine was in the works to counteract the carcinogenic monkey viruses in the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines. Mary Sherman and Dr. Alton Ochsner supervised this project, working surreptitiously from a USPHS hospital compound (New Orleans Marine Hospital, managed by the US Public Health Service), where a super-sized LINAC particle accelerator had been secretly installed for this purpose. According to Haslam, the secret work at this facility suggests the “origin of AIDS”.

Supplementing the suggestive framing  of queries in Dr. Mary’s Monkey is an eight-year-long series of audio interviews dropping “tidbits” about the subject matter. Basically, Haslam sticks to his script. Apart from the ‘updates’ (i.e. Judyth as witness) which were incorporated into the new version of the original, little new information is committed to print. Is this man a “researcher” or is he a hired “public relations” gun? Is it a “personal attack” to fault Dr. Mary’s Monkey for its shortcomings, or is it “fair game” to critique Haslam’s perspective along  with the book? Would a serious researcher on critical scientific subjects write himself into the story as the main character? By fusing his personal credibility with “cancer epidemics” and ”AIDS” and marketing himself among the JFK assassination theorists, Haslam has built a platform of support which has turned into a loyalists’ fortress.  Haslam’s ambition is to see his book on American library shelves and hopes to sell a feature movie screenplay with the cachet of ‘Oliver Stone’.

No doubt, on such a largeness of scale, Haslam will attract a multitude of critics in a situation obvious for “drawing fire”, beginning with the flaws of Dr. Mary’s Monkey and onto Haslam himself and the characteristics of the situation in which this story is evolving. It is very interesting to note that the ‘JFK’ movie being emulated was released in 1991 and had the effect of generating popular interest in the passage of the John F. Kennedy Assassinations Records Collection Act of 1992, which according to Russ Baker in “Family of Secrets” (published 2009) put former CIA director and then current president “George H.W. Bush..in the awkward position of potentially outing himself” as a well-connected player in the assassination events. As Baker frames it, peculiar and exculpatory ‘new’ evidence emerged from the Bush circles to distance him and cement the records. Ed Haslam also says that he began his book project in 1992 even though his entire lifetime provides the impetus. Coincidence? About the same time, the crucial death records on Mary Sherman found their way to the New Orleans public library. Family of Secrets offers an insight: “In the art of propaganda, and in the daily business of public relations, a cardinal rule is that if a problem emerges, it must be managed immediately. The trick is to quickly acknowledge and gain control of the new material, mitigating the damage by redirecting it in a beneficial way. This is known in tradecraft as ‘block and bridge’.” [p52] “The extended Bush family, which had helped Poppy write history, now was closing ranks to prevent disclosure of what they had done– and were still doing. The term ‘library’ was turned upside down, and became not a way to make information available but rather a way to bury it. It became about disinformation instead of information.” [p468]

Bush family ties to nuclear weapons are directly revealed by Prescott Bush taking a seat with the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy  (Congressional oversight body) in the place of Brien McMahon* after his death (cancer, age 48, 1952) without proper protocols, for a term nearing one year. It’s not in the Wiki. The JCAE was the most powerful independent congressional committee ever created and was eventually disbanded as unconstitutional.  *http://www.biographicon.com/view/lumwk; McMahon was planning a run for President on a platform of “world peace through fear of atomic weapons” www.library.georgetown.edu/dept/speccoll/mcmscope.htm; background on Prescott Bush, without mention of his time on the JCAE http://www.lincolnvscadillac.com/showpost.php?p=108407&postcount=8


The Claims:

Haslam Claim (1) The polio vaccine “monkey virus” contamination was the “biggest MISTAKE in the government’s history”, discovered halfway through the public inoculations –100 million doses, c. 1957– and because of embarrassment, the gov’t proceeded with the vaccines anyway.

>>>polioforever : The government proceeded because the polio vaccine was a radiation experiment, not a mistake. The timed release of the Salk IPV  in the spring of 1955 corresponds precisely with the new milestone domestic thermonuclear tests of ’55. The weapons program had upped the ante to “super” bombs. Incidentally, New Orleans’ Crippled Children’s Hospital opened in 1955 (If polio was defeated on schedule in ’55, someone needs to explain the logic of opening new polio hospitals). By the late summer of 1957, with as much as half the U.S. youth population vaccinated, the military unleashed its longest and dirtiest bomb series ever. This was no mistake. Viruses are also “tags” –as a current SV40 article frames the question, “Are [viruses] passengers or part of the pathogenesis of cancer?”  The “anti-radiation” polio vaccine, sold to the government on a false premise, was secondarily (or primarily) an attempt to create an “anti-cancer” vaccine using HUMAN HeLa cell-adapted polioviruses. [see the page Immortal Cancer https://polioforever.wordpress.com/immortal-cancer/] Viruses are biochemical parts of all living cells. The monkey viruses could have been intended as tags,  more of an “insult” than “injury”, however they are also destabilizing to the human genome as any foreign DNA is capable of producing “an excess of cancer”.  The Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, which intended to track radiation-caused cancers and illness, had proposed a hundred-year program;  would a genetic ‘tag’ such as SV40 provide a perfect tracking mechanism for generations to come?  HeLa cells were culled from a very agressive cervical cancer that killed tobacco farmer Henrietta Lacks in 1951. Physicist Leo Szilard (a “father of the Bomb” and SALK Institute Fellow) enabled William Scherer and Jerome Syverton to culture HeLa cells on an irradiated substrate at the University of Minnesota on which polioviruses were grown— the combination was ideal. These viruses then were used in mass production on monkey tissue. Ludwik Gross discovered polyoma virus (SV40 type) in 1951 as well (if not actually sooner. ).  U Minnesota alumni had been previously drafted to build-up and staff the Salt Lake, Utah hospital that took part in the 1951 “Provo” polio trials with gamma globulin. William Scherer moved on to direct bioweapons development at the Plum Island installation. Inclusive of Mayo Clinic relationships, research connecting cancer, polio, and atomic weapons are very integrated and circular!

On page 182, Alton Ochsner’s career ladder with the U.S. military/intelligence corresponds to major advances in the nuclear program: “In 1955 he became a consultant to the U.S. Army [thermonuclear advance], and in 1957 he became a consultant to the U.S. Air Force [ballistic warhead advance].”  Haslam continues,” Later in 1957, the FBI cleared Ochsner for a ‘Sensitive Position’ for the U.S. government [greatest concentration of domestic nuke tests, see Operation Plumbob on the Atomic Weapons timeline]… In October 1959, after two years of working…the FBI formally discontinued Ochsner’s relationship with the FBI, freeing him up to accept an assignment from the other undisclosed agency. So what happened in 1957 and 1959? What was this other agency? Why would they have needed the services of a doctor… from this doctor…?  These are important questions.”  Haslam’s general thesis supposes to answer them without the most critical context that connects everything about Ochsner; his career, his relatives, colleagues, investments, etc. — nuclear weapons! In 1959, the U.S. was obligated to abide a testing moratorium with the USSR and UK, but as Edward Teller related in his ‘Memoirs’, weapons work was done by the scientists in ‘secret’ with the direct knowledge of key persons. Who were they, and were they connected to NUMEC (est.1957)? The biography of Dr. Judah Folkman, who was drafted into the Navy in 1959, states, “By 1959…the government was taking a renewed interest in scientific research of all kinds. It had been only [two] years since..Sputnik… It was the height of the cold war, and a flood of money..began to accompany the government’s new interest in physics, chemistry, biomedcine, rocketry, electronics and atmospheric science to support America’s quickly developing..space programs… [It] was also the dawning of the nuclear submarine age..” [p47, Dr. Folkman’s War, by Robert Cooke]

Szilard wrote the famous “Einstein Letter” urging FDR to build The Bomb and turned to biophysics after WWII. Szilard was the group leader for Fermi’s “Metallurgical Lab” at U Chicago. If Dr. Mary Sherman, at U Chicago until 1952, was attached to this outfit as a medical adjunct, she could have known Szilard and the other refugee physicists, including  James Franck, Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner. Wigner set up shop at Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Teller went on to direct the Lawrence Livermore Lab (1958-61). Teller wrote in his “Memoirs” how much he disliked JFK, and under his leadership, Lawrence Livermore made secret weapons, contramanding the directives of  treaties and moratoriums during his directorship. The Chicago Met Lab, generally, was notorious during WWII for scientists’ foment against ‘establishment'(military) control.

Dr. Sherman, as Ed Haslam points out, worked at Billings Hospital where notorious plutonium injections were given to unwitting patients during and after WWII. In fact, records from the DoE and the National Security Archive at GWU show these experiments expanded and increased as the field of Health Physics developed in the nuclear testing era. Mary Sherman was a bone cancer expert, no doubt familiar with fluoride-caused cancers. Fluoride effects are similar to radiation and exhibit a low-dose “paradoxical response” (low-dose, greater damage). Sherman, clearly, was a knowing participant in grand-scale human experimentation. Did she have an official role in the Manhattan Project? Apocryphal information from Judyth Baker’s long 2003 interview (produced by Wim Dankbaar) states her own awareness that human cancer cells were recombined with simian SV40 using radiation.  Just so. Did the “human cancer cells” include the HeLa cells used in poliovirus production?(Judyth declares her own experience with “Tom Dooley’s melanoma”). No one in Haslam’s circle has yet explained the meaning of this, however, it is descriptive of standard experimental laboratory (radiation biology) practice from this era. Further, as Folkman’s biographer points out about the late ’50s, “Radiation biology..[had] much of the data..still shrouded in cold war secrecy.”[p52, Dr. Folkman’s War]]

Claim(2) The best, most qualified experts in the country arranged a super-secret Manhattan Project-type experiment in New Orleans to make an anti-cancer vaccine to fight the monkey virus contamination in the polio vaccines. This was the primary function of a topsecret 3-story particle accelerator at the N. O. Public Health Service Hospital. Ed plays up a (mock) witness, who mentioned “guards with guns” at the facility.

>>>polioforever : The hospital was within a walled-compound U.S. Marine base run by the USPHS. Despite the second audio transcript above, few of the dozens of Haslam interviews explain that the hospital was a military facility. The particle accelerator type is specifically designed to transmute industrial MATERIALS and make what they call “metamaterials” in addition to radio-isotope and  nuclear fuel capabilities. Haslam’s own description stands in contradiction to “biological” uses. But readers have only the fictitious “Dr.X”, “Mr.Y” and “Mr.Z” to tell about this device. Haslam’s hype of intrigue is to “keep them alive”. Mr. Z, the local New Orleans renovation contractor, was already retired when he gave his ‘witness’ to Haslam’s friend Stubbs more than 15 years ago. Mr.Y, although a nameless fiction, was under a contract of secrecy as building engineer, but was Mr.Z, the renovator, sworn to secrecy too? Mr. Z described a building “swept clean” in which everything but the too hard-to-remove metal walls and structural wiring remained EXCEPT for a “microscope and tissue slicer” just sitting there. Is this akin to 9-11-01 and the pristine PASSPORT found on the street near Ground Zero? The “lab” leftovers sound classically humorous as a feint!   Is the “vaccine” enterprise that Haslam describes  a cover story, and that’s why the main characters appeared so “nervous” to the (anonymous) witnesses?  What would the vaccine program be covering up? Were they making nuclear bomb-grade fuel as similar accelerators did or perhaps futuristic metamaterials? Why is this story so farcical in its elements? Does it serve a higher but darker intention to route out its falsehoods and reconfigure to a more logical conclusion that Dr. Mary’s Monkey concerns the forbidden nuclear materials trade flowing through the backchannels of international operatives?

Claim(3)  The super-secret program was “very well intentioned”

>>>polioforever:  How could Ed Haslam divine the intentions of a super-secret project that may not have existed? He repeats this so often that he MUST be the hired spin doctor. As an  advertising professional hired to sell gas-guzzling SUVs in a era of oil crises, his status as a paid liar is noted. Haslam actually fits the ideal profile of an intelligence agent according to the criteria of Jim Garrison himself; generational military family, appearing as a self-made middle-income ‘regular guy’ who works for a living but gets uncanny ‘lucky breaks’ along the way, such as the contact from ’60 Minutes’.  On his promotional website for Dr. Mary’s Monkey, Haslam proudly includes a document from the 1916 Kansas Experiment Station proving the work of his grandfather as a vaccine developer for the Bureau of Animal Industry. The disease at issue is “blackleg”, misidentified as anthrax (but then called ‘symptomatic anthrax’ ), caused by a type of Clostridium bacteria –other clostridium-related diseases are botulism, tetanus and gangrene. The mutant Clostridium acetobutylicum is called the “Weizmann organism” which Chaim Weizmann** used to make acetone and gunpowder in 1916, the same year. The first blackleg vaccine (if it is the work of T.P. Haslam) was made by Cutter Laboratory! Cutter Lab, of course, was blamed for contaminated polio vaccine and Dr. Alton Ochsner was a major stockholder. Did the Haslam family also profit from Cutter vaccines? A very curious association of blackleg, experimental vaccine, and the Fort Riley Kansas outbreak of the 1918 ‘Spanish’ Influenza pandemic has probable ties through the Kansas station, the BAI and the work of the Rockefeller Institute (RIMR).

**A note about Weizmann’s career as a chemist at the turn of the 20th century, from his biography, states that “Exploration of coal tar, from which alizarin had been released, was providing clues to the molecular structure of an almost limitless range of products for which industry hungered… Weizmann and Deichler were successful in the preparation of naphtha derivatives. [p33]…At that time most organic chemists were engaged in the synthesis of cyclic molecules for organic dyestuffs. Weizmann and Deichler started with the customary proceedures but very soon developed a new synthesis of their own, which proved of great value for the preparation of such polycyclic subtances as carcinogens and other important pharmaceuticals. For one of their discoveies Deichler and Weizmann received a contract in January 1901 from the Bayer Works, Elberfeld, later incorporated in I.G. Farbenindustrie. This success provided Weizmann at once with a regular income…”[p58, Chaim Weizmann: the Making of a Zionist Leader, by Jehuda Reinharz] —This blog seeks to determine why carcinogenic pharmaceuticals were important in 1901.

Claim(4) Haslam claims that HIV-1 is a manmade mutant of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), and that this was done in 1960, ‘fusing’ it with the Mary’s Monkey version of events. Additionally,  HIV contaminated blood was acquired from a source in San Diego and injected into chimpanzees at the Alamogordo/White Sands facility of Coulston Primate Research center (USAF controlled) in 1981.  >>>polioforever : the “San Diego source” for HIV is one believable claim (see Salk Institute page, death of Frederic de Hoffman), however, Haslam said he did not know that the Salk Institute was in San Diego because he’s “not from California” [jfkmurdersolved.com forum, June 2010].  Is this plausible from the son of a WWII Navy Commander who was president of a polio hospital? Dr. Salk and his vaccine are central to the story. The Navy headquarters its Pacific Fleet in San Diego! The SALK Institute director at this time (from 1970 to 1988) was former Los Alamos physicist and founder of General Atomics, Frederic deHoffman who died of AIDS. Was the original blood ‘sample’ from deHoffman? Freddie deHoffman was Edward Teller’s brilliant assistant who actually designed the H-Bomb to make it work! If this is the so-called ’beginning of HIV’, the claim needs proof and Haslam provides none. At least one visible supporter of Haslam’s identifies him from California: “Edward T. Haslam, a political-medical researcher in northern California, is the author of Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus…” http://aconstantineblacklist.blogspot.com/2008/04/government-creation-of-aids-and-murder.html

Dr. Frederick Coulston’s unsavory primate facilities: http://www.releasechimps.org/labs/labs-closed/the-coulston-foundation/the-rise-of-coulston/

Haslam is using his credit and position as a JFK assassination researcher to introduce a medical-science issue, a technique he himself calls ‘fusion’ –marrying the  claims on HIV and cancer to this ‘well-intentioned’ and ‘expertly’ managed vaccine operation that he ‘fuses’ with the giant particle accelerator, but no verifiable witnesses are presented to confirm the uses of this machine. Even so, identical equipment is not secret today, nor for a long time, and no comparable example for biological experimentation has been given in Dr. Mary’s Monkey. Haslam’s one credibly named medical witness offers an account of a man who was accidentally caught in the beam of a similar industrial particle accelerator and instantly vaporized!

Haslam learned the date of Mary Sherman’s death from the New Orleans Public Library (c.1992): not in March of 1967 as had been widely believed, even by Ed, but in July of 1964. The records, readers are told, were hidden for 30 years,  ‘irregular’, created under the absence of basic protocols of supervision and lacking proper signatures. In Dr. Mary’s Monkey, however, Haslam intimates that he remembered the day of Dr. Sherman’s death because it was the first (and only?) time he saw his stoic father cry. The book is spinning lies on these two counts: Ed actually learned the date-of-death from the library records (admitted at the jfkmurdersolved forum) and the library records are not proper evidence. But then, Ed also relies on an account of his father having to identify Dr. Sherman’s mutilated body, which her friends could not identify. Further, readers learn that the senior doctor Haslam took his secrets to the grave.

Ed also states (by audio) that Mary Sherman had morphine in her blood. Morphine is not in the ‘library’ autopsy report as it is printed in the book. How does Ed know this? The mentioned morphine is one of those scanty tidbits scattered over years of audio interviews.




“The term ‘library’ was turned upside down, and became not a way to make information available but rather a way to bury it. It became about disinformation instead of information.” —Russ Baker, Family of Secrets, p468

Who controlled the New Orleans Public Library in the early 1990s?


(..to name three, prior to 1994) Interesting, 1994 appears as a ‘divide’. Why? I suspect that the “DoE Openness Project” initiated in 1994 has something to do with it, and New Orleans has nuclear secrets to hide. In 1994, Clinton was forced into assembling the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) at the disclosures of Hazel O’Leary about experiments and unaccounted for weapons testing. This would have raised large questions about the source and control of weapons-grade material. Is it possible that from 1992 to 1995, when Ed Haslam “got serious” about writing Dr. Mary’s Monkey, he was hired to plant a “false-thesis/false antithesis” to preserve the hidden cancer-causing mass irradiation of the public and the real nature of polio vaccine?

(1) –Captain Neville Levy (also on the board of the N.O. Public Health Service Hospital, site of the accelerator!), and later his daughter, Suzanne Levy Ormond (post 1994) were library overseers. Levy owned Equitable Equipment Co. (marine shipping, drilling and construction, est.1921)  http://bestofneworleans.com/gyrobase/PrintFriendly?oid=oid:66170   Equitable made barges, tugs and minesweepers for the U.S. Army and Navy, later sold out to Trinity Industries Inc. of Dallas in 1973. http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/Trinity-Industries-Incorporated-Company-History.html There are various internet sources identifying Jacqueline Kennedy as a Levy (“Lee”)** on her mother’s side –could these be relatives? Coincidentally, Mary Sherman’s downstairs neighbor in ’64, underneath her apartment, was a Mrs. Levy who was home on the night of the murder and gave a statement saying there were no sounds from upstairs, not even the usual soft footfalls. Edith Stern’s sister, Adele Rosenwald, married a Levy too, after she divorced Armand Deutsch; Deutsche Jr. went to Hollywood and made friends with the Ronald Reagans.

*Additionally, Ellis Mintz (of Mintz, or Hurwitz-Mintz Furniture) married a Levy. Neville Levy captained the effort to build the Mississippi River Bridge that moored its pilon near the foot of the Thalia Street Wharf, controlled by the United Fruit Co.  J.V. Baker’s interview indicates that small arms weapons were smuggled into New Orleans in crates of “bananas and furniture”.

**Kennedy biographer Edward Klein, in the book All Too Human, framed the ‘Levy’ contention as “talk that Janet [Norton Lee] had invented her illustrious Southern background, and that in reality her ancestors were Levys, not Lees. No one ever produced a shred of evidence that she was Jewish, but she was never fully accepted in high WASP circles.”[p22] Pursuing the point, which could appear ‘anti-semitic’ to some people, would be more revealing as a means of understanding cultural dynasty-making, demonstrated empirically and proven by common sense; the burden of proofless claims. A source for the ‘Levy’ claim was Gore Vidal whose mother, Nina Gore Vidal Auchincloss, had a highly publicized, decades-long affair with John Hay (Jock) Whitney, largest stockholder of Freeport Sulpher (later Freeport McMoRan) and business partner of Benno Schmidt and Nelson Rockefeller http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hay_Whitney  It was Nina who introduced Janet Lee to Hugh D. Auchincloss in order to break off her marriage. The Whitneys (wiki link) are recorded as donating estate land for the creation of the North Shore (Jewish Health Care System) Hospital in 1951— the same year as the Nevada Proving Ground opened for nuclear tests, cancer HeLa cells were taken for polio vaccine use, polyoma virus was discovered,  the CDC Epidemic Intelligence service was founded, and the Provo polio trials were intiated, etc.  Jock Whitney’s cousin, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, married Marie Norton –was she related to Janet Norton Lee? Marie Norton, grandaughter of NYTimes lawyer Benjamin Einstein, made a second marriage to Averell Harriman. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Norton
   Jock Whitney was the “film division” chief in Hollywood for Nelson Rockefeller’s office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (the CIAA), the WWII propaganda agency for Latin America, among other Rockefeller-associated endeavors.  Whitney and Rockefeller threw their money and political weight behind Eisenhower and Nixon, and in 1952, the President-elect endorsed Rockefeller’s appointment as Undersecretary of the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare. Rockefeller unequivocally ran the enormous HEW with deferential respect to its ostensible chief, Oveta Culp Hobby. By ’55, Nelson Rockefeller had moved to a new job as Eisenhower’s “Special Assistant” and Hobby was axed over the Cutter polio vaccine contamination. www.polioforever.wordpress.com/nelson-a-rockefeller/; J.H.Whitney’s second wife, Betsey Cushing, was previously married to James Roosevelt, son of FDR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betsey_Cushing_Roosevelt_Whitney
Back to the N.O. Public Library….

(2) –Rosa Freeman Keller (wife of Coca-Cola bottler Charles Keller Jr.)  The Kellers were avid in construction and real estate. Rosa Freeman (not Jewish, she claimed), was a southern debutante and came from enormous wealth. Rosa F. Keller’s father, Alfred B. Freeman (from Atlanta GA) was a Coca-Cola bottler and namesake of Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business:

“The Ella West Freeman Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded in 1941 by A. B. Freeman, chairman of the Louisiana Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Ltd. and a prominent New Orleans civic leader. Freeman named the foundation in honor of his wife, the former Ella West. A. B. Freeman’s son, Richard W. Freeman (BBA ’34), joined his father in the company and continued his commitment to civic and charitable causes. Today, the foundation, which has provided more than $20 million in support to New Orleans area non-profits” http://www.freeman.tulane.edu/news/2003/donorhonor.php

 The Kellers and the Sterns (Edgar B., Edith Rosenwald Stern and Edgar Jr., all central figures in the  JFK assassination plot) were business partners in a housing project called Pontchartrain Park. Edith’s brother, Lessing J. Rosenwald, was a chief of the WWII Office of Production Management (renamed the War Production Board) which deregulated the nation’s building codes to “conserve valuable materials” which gave a boon to cheap construction after the war.

 [R.W. Freeman, 1960s president and gen. mgr. of Delta Airlines is possibly son/brother Richard West Freeman: http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1965/1965%20-%201046.html  Delta began as a crop-dusting outfit to lay calcium-arsenate on cotton plantations and expanded operations to South America before opening passenger service; founded by Mr.Collett E. Woolman who owned a 7,000 acre cotton plantation in Louisiana. Arsenate pesticide compounds are a proven cause of polio. http://woolmancentral.com/famcou2.html ]


(3)  —James R. Moffett (‘Jim Bob’), Chairman/CEO of Freeport-McMoRan Corp., oil/gas/copper/gold/fertilizer,etc.; world’s largest producer of gold. Henry Kissinger was a board director (1988-1995) when Jim Bob was a New Orleans Library Commissioner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeport-McMoRan  The Austin Chronicle called Moffett “one of the worst environmental desperadoes of the modern era” http://austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Issue/story?oid=oid%3A292538 . Incidentally, James Andrew Moffett, a vice president of Standard Oil and FDR Housing bureaucrat (FHA Secretary) in the 1930s was a trustee of the original Warms Springs polio foundation (see The Treatment page). Are these men related?

One of Freeport-McMoRan’s recent Board appointments is Stephen J. Green of  Greenstreet Partners real estate, Miami. Greenstreet manages the finances of the Knowledge Learning Corporation, a global ‘kinder care’ provider founded by Michael Milken and (Oracle’s) Larry Ellison. Milken’s good friend, Leon Black, owns the Apollo Group, which is corporatizing adult education (University of Phoenix) in partnership with Carlyle Group.  Apollo bought out  Nalco, makers of Corexit oil dispersant used in the April ’10 Gulf spill, with co-investors Goldman Sachs and Blackstone back in 2003 (these owners divested before the BP spill). Leon Black’s father, rabbi Eli Black, was the largest shareholder of United Fruit Co. (United Brands) at the time of his suicide in 1975, plunging from the Pan Am building in NYC. (Pan Am was founded by the Whitneys as a Florida-to-Havana postal freight service)

Incidentally, Family of Secrets adds that Freeport Mining, “a huge Rockefeller-dominated company…is closely identified with the CIA-backed coup that brought the [Indonesian] dictator Suharto to power in 1965. Efforts to topple his predecessor..were the province of Alfred C. Ulmer, the Allen Dulles confidant who..visited Poppy Bush in Texas the week of the JFK assassination… JFK, just prior to his death, was taking policy stances on Indonesia inimical to the interests of Freeport.” [pp343-344] The continuing story is that “[t]he Phillipines were chock full of gold.. and rumor had it, there was gold being hoarded…seized by the Japanese…this so-called Yamashita treasure. Several journalists..assert that the cache was actually seized by American forces under MacArthur and that its very existence is a sensitive secret.” [p346] The suggestion that hidden gold served multiple purposes from higher currency valuation to international black ops funding involving the JFK assassination conspirators and Freeport Mining may still be reaching across time. Freeport’s Texas district is represented by Ron Paul, standard-bearer for gold-backed currency, and as Russ Baker reminds readers, “it is hard to top gold as a negotiable mineral.”

Freeport’s prime mover and former Chairman, Benno C. Schmidt (1913-1999), had yet to retire, not until 1995. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/FREEPORT-McMoRan+INC.+ANNOUNCES+RETIREMENT+OF+BOARD+MEMBER+BENNO+C….-a017417323 ;

Benno C. Schmidt, “one of the architects of the National Cancer Program, Benno helped lay the foundation for the National Cancer Act and the nation’s extraordinary investment in biomedical research. Through nearly four decades of commitment to Memorial Sloan-Kettering –including a lengthy tenure as Chairman– he shaped and strengthened [the] institution.” http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9F00E4DE1E39F931A15753C1A96F958260; Schmidt was Chairman of the President’s Cancer Panel, 1971-1980; Chairman of Memorial Hospital, 1971-1982; Chairman of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 1982-1990; native Texan, lawyer Schmidt “worked for the general counsel of the War Production Board 1941-1942″, became a partner in J.H. Whitney & Co. and chaired the Ford Foundation’s Fund for the City of New York http://www.smokershistory.com/Schmidt.htm
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, founded in 1945, lists Manhattan Project chiefs on its board of trustees.
Freeport McMoRan, (Freeport Sulphur) based in New Orleans in the 1990s (since moved to Phoenix, AZ), had the #3 claim in value for the Moa Bay Mining operation after the revolucion.  According to the author, “Castro’s confiscations –provoked partly by the Kennedy administration’s decision to stop purchasing most of the Cuban sugar crop– is at the root of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba.” http://cuba-l.unm.edu/?nid=70225
1968 — Memo from Andrew Sciambra to Jim Garrison: “..the Guy Banister file indicates ..that Dick [Wight], a high official of Freeport Sulphur, and Clay Shaw were flown to Cuba.. in a Freeport Sulphur plane piloted by David Ferrie. The purpose of the trip was to set up import of Cuba’s nickel ore to a Canadian front company… apparently WIGHT [is] Vice President of Freeport… this lead keeps growing stronger… David Ferrie flew Shaw and his two partners to Canada in an attempt to receive the ore from Cuba but through Canada”… “Probe is not going to state that Freeport Sulphur was in any way involved in the planning or execution of the Kennedy assassination. But this is a company that connects the CIA, the Rockefellers, Clay Shaw and David Phillips. The company had serious clashes with Castro over an expensive project, and with the Kennedy administration over matters of great monetary significance to Freeport. Allegations of a Canadian connection with New Orleans, and Cuban nickel mining and processing operations fit neatly into Shaw’s reported
activities. And this is a company which had at least one director reportedly talking about killing Castro.” http://www.realhistoryarchives.com/collections/hidden/freeport-cuba.htm
Canada is famous for its uranium and infamous for supplying the Manhattan Project in secret. Radium exports from Ontario Canada began in 1931, causing a spike in polio.


Bananas and Furniture“, referencing the mode of shipment for weapon smugglers, destined in part for the anti-Castro guerillas, is begging for follow-up. A curious incident that occurred at the Mintz storefront not too long after JFK’s assassination (early ’65) was an “anti-semitic” attack with a military hand-grenade launched through the entry, blowing out the streetside display windows but hurting no one. Would the Mintzes have arranged this themselves? Were they the receivers of the furniture shipments? At the time, the Mintz and Hurwitz-Mintz dealerships owned five French Quarter area buildings; the two stores being large multi-story premises for display and warehousing, a few blocks from the Sterns’ 1963 WDSU location.  Is it more curious still that “estate broker” Aaron Mintz was barely acquitted of murdering his wife at a sensational trial presided over by a former Garrison investigator (Frank J. Shea) who promptly died of a heart attack after the trial? It’s intriguing today that the collected repository for Robert F. Kennedy assassination material is held by the “Aaron Mintz Radio and TV Archives”.

Article about the store bombing, according to Suzanne Mintz http://www.gazette.net/stories/072507/entenew125336_32367.shtml  –incidentally, the Mintz family ‘altruism’ against violence and gun shops does not extend to Cheryl Mintz, who runs PR for Hurwitz Mintz Furniture. Cheryl Mintz’s gun fired a shot accidentally inside a restaurant when her purse hit the floor http://slabbed.wordpress.com/2010/09/28/bang-bang-that-awful-sound-tp-names-thebaby-who-shot-down/ ;  obit of Frank J. Shea, mentioning the the Aaron Mintz trial http://files.usgwarchives.org/la/orleans/obits/1/s-11.txt?keepThis=true&TB_iframe=true ; Aaron Mintz Radio and TV Archive does not list the RFK project http://people.umass.edu/ahmintz/music-video.htm , nor does the RFK project display its sponsor, however a search will reveal the source.  Aaron Mintz also had a company called Worldwide Gaming set to become the Louisiana distributor of video poker: “Worldwide was a front for the Marcello crime family in New Orleans and the Gambino and Genovese organizations in New York. They had been plotting their Louisiana venture a year before video poker was even legalized, with onetime New York mob kingpin John Gotti initially leading the charge.http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2009-06-17/news/0906160506_1_video-poker-machines-gambling-experts/4

A next-generation Mintz who stayed in New Orleans, Donald R. Mintz, died in 1996 and left this legacy: “[as] a leader of the movement to transform the Dock Board..[into]a powerful economic player in the city… He was one of a handful of Jewish lay leaders chosen to meet with Saudi Arabian royalty when Israel’s contacts with that country were minimal”. Mintz was a chair of the ADL advisory board, “chairman of the Criminal Justice Task Force on Violent Street Crime, the managing partner of three Warehouse District renovations, appointed to lead the statewide committee that set up the Louisiana Health Care Authority to run the Charity Hospital system, and he became chairman of the Authority’s board.” etc. http://files.usgwarchives.org/la/orleans/newspapers/00000306.txt

United Fruit Company, for many years before it came under the control of Samuel Zemurray, had Victor Macomber Cutter as its president. It’s not known to this researcher if V.M. Cutter is related to Cutter Laboratories of California. “The Zemurray-Cutter feud is 20 years old…” http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,744983,00.html .

United Fruit Company was an original member of the RCA  “Radio City” consortium (with General Electric, Westinghouse and AT&T) that signed up to occupy the yet unbuilt Rockefeller Center in early 1929. [see Rockefeller Institute page] Common history has it that United Fruit’s potential loss of its banana plantations in Guatemala was the cause of a coup and civil war, staged by the CIA, in 1954. A ‘friendlier’ Guatemala provided staging for the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 and much later in 2006 became the first country to arrange a debt-for-nature swap with the U.S.   http://www.unitedfruit.org/chron.htm ;

“I saw all kinds of evidence of [United Fruit Co.’s] intimate relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency, with Senators, congressmen, White House staffers… I even revealed for the first time that the United Fruit Company supplied two of its ships for..invasion of the Bay of Pigs.” –Thomas McCann, 1976, author of An American Company: The Tragedy of United Fruit http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/1977/mar/03/bananas/?pagination=false; Zemurray “aided the creation of Israel, funded many of Tulane University’s buildings, and had a hand in the rise of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. [Rich] Cohen claims Zemurray was to New Orleans what Rockefeller was to New York…” http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-374-29927-9


Dr. Carolyn Talley* is noted in the book to have provided a positive ID of Mary Sherman’s body based on shape and hair color.  Readers are regaled with an account of Sherman’s injuries that mark her body and face as damaged beyond recognition. The first two people called on to identify Sherman could not. Who were they? Her friends? Dr. Ed T. Haslam Sr. was asked to view Sherman’s body and readers are given the impression that Haslam confirmed the identification.  Ed Jr., however, gives no clarification of where or how he learned this, just not from his father –was it also in the library papers?– but readers are told the memory of the timing of Dr. Sherman’s death coincided with a “once-in-a-lifetime” witnessing of  Dr. Haslam Sr.’s crying outburst. But Ed Jr. also writes about learning of Mary Sherman’s death in 1969 during his last year of highschool –confusing? At least three variable instances of Ed Jr. learning about Mary Sherman’s death are put forward; when his father cried, on a return to school in the fall of 1964 and from classmates in highschool in 1969.

Is this the same Dr. Carolyn Talley? –[obit] “July, 23, 1948: Dr. Augustus W. Anderson, 29, died Wednesday in a New Orleans hospital…In April 1943, he married Dr. Carolyn Talley of Dallas, Tx” http://files.usgwarchives.org/la/tangipahoa/obits/obitcoll/vindic16.txt  Is Carolyn Talley a daughter or close relative of Lynn Porter Talley, Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas? Confirmation provided by Evelynn (by blog comment, Dec.07,2011 –thankyou Evelynn!) that Dr. Talley was the daughter of L.P.Talley.

The issue of timing in Sherman’s death, originally believed by researchers to be March 1967, suggested a cover-up to obfuscate (or draw attention to) the Garrison trial begun in May 1967. The ‘library evidence’ stating July 1964 as the actual time has been made out as connected to the New Orleans inquest by the Warren Commission. Would Mary Sherman have anything to fear from the Warren Commission?  JFK researchers won’t find any help looking for answers in Dr. Mary’s Monkey, not even passable evidence of her murder, if that was her ultimate fate.


But why is Dr. Mary Sherman and her death important? Why does her case need an investigation? How did an actual community of independent JFK Assassination researchers believe that Mary Sherman died in 1967 when, as Haslam presents, the murder was front page news in July of 1964?  Haslam writes, “Most of what we know about Mary Sherman comes from newspaper articles, an unusual police report, and her will.“[p115] Haslam suggests that Sherman “could possibly become the most important woman in science” [p117], comparing her to physicist Marie Curie (who won two Nobel prizes), but says nothing of her special contribution to science. The chapter “Mary, Mary” is dedicated to the circumstances of death.   He poses the question, “What would motivate an accomplished medical professional to risk her reputation by getting involved in an underground medical laboratory with a violent political zealot owning a criminal record of sexual misconduct and with no medical credentials?” [p119]..”Was there a dark side to her concealed from public view?” Haslam continues, “It is impossible to describe the death of Dr. Sherman without appearing both sensational and mysterious. This is because it was a sensational event, and much of it is still shrouded in mystery. For nearly 30 years, the only information the world would see concerning her murder were articles published by two New Orleans newspapers, the New Orleans States-Item and the Times-Picayune…” From there, the newspaper accounts are restated. Haslam embellishes, “Six weeks after the [Sherman] murder, in early September 1964, I personally heard another rumor about a female orthopedic surgeon killed over the summer. The source of this was a teacher welcoming our class back from summer… While researching this book, I wrote that teacher a letter about his comments made decades ago. He remembered the incident, and talked about the doctor’s ‘dark side’ and her association with ‘gay Mexicanos’. Such was the word-of-mouth.. in 1964. In 1992, I set out to get copies of the police reports. [p125] ..I found them in the City Archives of the New Orleans Public Library. There were two reports… The Precinct Report was signed and approved by all parties. The Homicide Report was not.“[p126]

Excerpts from the jfkmurdersolved forum:

Ed Haslam: “…[a forum member’s] quote from JFK: The Dead Witnesseses (1994) is accurate, all three said that Mary Sherman died from a gun shot in March 1967, and all three made their statements before I published my first book in 1995, what you are bringing up it’s really old information at a curious time. My book was the first in-depth investigation into Mary Sherman’s murder ever published and was the first to establish the core facts and present the evidence publicly. None of these three authors had access to my research or the related public documents at the time. They all reported what they heard, and some of which we now know to be inaccurate. So what? They were given bad information by someone, but they presented what the information they had with integrity for others to consider, evaluate and investigate.

“So why would three of the most accomplished and talented researchers in the JFK assassination community make the same mistake? Could it be that the public documents were not available to them at the time they wrote their books? They may even have been fed disinformation so that they would seem to be poorly informed. Perhaps to lead the trail away from Dr. Alton Ochsner? Who would do such a thing?  When John Davis went to research MAFIA KINGFISH, which said that Carlos Marcello (and not the CIA) killed Kennedy, he went to the New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission to get his information on Marcello. Well, guess who sat on the Board of Directors of the NOMCC? None other that Dr. Alton Ochsner and Eustis Reily of the Reily Coffee Company. The Executive Director of the NOMCC was a former FBI agent… These are the type of “in the know” people who were assisting JFK researchers find the facts…  So why didn’t these three talented researchers just check with the New Orleans Public Library to get the facts about Mary Sherman’s murder straight? Well, when I did that, I found something very interesting… The single most important reference tool that could be used to investigate what happened in New Orleans does not cover the 1960’s. They told me that if I wanted to get newspaper articles about Mary Sherman, I would have to have an exact date. So I asked them if they had the police reports from the 1960’s. Yes, they did, but again, I would have to have the NOPD item number for them to find a given report. So I called the NOPD Homocide Unit and got the Item Number on the Mary Sherman murder. (The NOPD item number (G-12994-64) is listed on p. 125 of DR. MARY’S MONKEY.) Once I had the police reports, I discovered that the date was not in March 1967, but was July 21, 1964, on the same day that the Warren Commission summoned Lee Oswald’s attorney Dean Andrews for testimony in New Orleans. Having the correct date, enabled me to locate the newspaper articles, and I got a copy of the autopsy report which indicated that the cause of death was a stab wound to the heart. Comparing the newspaper articles with the autopsy, I noted that the public was never told the most important forensic fact in the case – that Dr. Sherman right arm and a portion of her rib cage had been “disintegrated” by heat…”

J.Lake: “Ed tells us above  that his father saw Mary Sherman’s body. He writes “my father had been asked, as a doctor who fought in World War II and was familiar with 3rd degree burns, to view Dr. Sherman body and offer an opinion on her unusual death ”
In the book, this is portrayed as an unforgettable day when Ed saw his father cry. Ed described that as “once in lifetime”.
Then Ed tells that the respected reseachers who all list Sherman’s death as March of 1967 may have been fed wrong information BUT HE DIDN’T KNOW?? Ed had to go and do research to find out WHEN Mary Sherman died?? He writes “So I asked them if they had the police reports from the 1960’s. Yes, they did, but again, I would have to have the NOPD item number for them to find a given report. So I called the NOPD Homocide… Once I had the police reports, I discovered that the date was not in March 1967, but was July 21, 1964 ”
Ed had to DISCOVER the date of the “once in a lifetime” day his father cried after seeing Dr. Sherman’s body?”

>>>polioforever:   This exchange from the forum fundamentally ended the “Is Ed Haslam Disinfo” thread by upsetting the membership who privately, by email, proposed that “dire consequences” would result if I persisted in ‘debate’. A number of misleading claims, as well as outright mistakes, had already been presented to the forum, such as a chapter footnote regarding a particle accelerator from Harvard that was sent to Los Alamos for the M.E.D.  Haslam makes this claim: 

[Dr. Mary’s Monkey, p.270-271, chapter note #2]
“While Harvard’s name is universally respected, it is seldom mentioned..in connection to the development of nuclear technology… The featured locations are usually Chicago and New Mexico. I did not question this perspective until I found a photograph of a scientist dismantling a particle accelerator for use in the Manhattan Project. I had not thought about centers of nuclear research that existed before the project. The caption explained that the accelerator (and the scientist) were about to be shipped to New Mexico for the super-secret Manhattan Project. The accelerator that they were dismantling was at Harvard. The point was so simple and so obvious. It was Boston, not Chicago or New Mexico, that was the actual intellectual headwaters of nuclear research in the United States. Of course, Boston would have been where the first commercial linear accelerators were built. At least Mr.Y was from the right place.”
   Ed was asked for proof of this claim which contradicted his stance that the University of Chicago was the ‘headwaters’ of nuclear research but seems to support the fictitious Mr.Y., the builder of the N.O. accelerator, who hailed from Boston. The request was ignored. Information about Harvard’s accelerator, however, can be found in Stephane Grouff’s book Manhattan Project on pages 224-225:
Most of the specialized equipment was brought or sent out to Los Alamos by the scientists who were going to use it. The University of Wisconsin group, for example, arrived with two Van de Graff machines for accelerating atomic particles; Manley’s team from the University of Illinois brought a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator; the Berkeley scientists provided highly specialized physics apparatus. The largest item, a cyclotron, was ‘borrowed’ from Harvard by Robert Wilson’s Princeton group –but not without some difficulty. When Wilson first asked for it, he did not mention what kind of project it would be used for. ‘We need it for some medical research,’ he merely said. But when the Harvard scientists refused to part with so precious a research tool, Wilson had to admit, ‘OK, it’s not for medical research. I’m not allowed to tell you exactly what, but it’s going to be used for very important things. You can trust us!’ Then [James B.] Conant dropped a few words to one of his assistants at Harvard and no futher questions were asked: the cyclotron was taken apart and put on rail flatcars for the long journey west to Santa Fe.” 


Dr. Mary’s Monkey Cast of Characters, with supplemental information not included in the book:

A common thread shared among everyone in this story, and especially noted to include Ed Haslam, are ties and ‘interest’ in Latin America and Guatemala in particular, which is a shared feature of Salk Institute leaders as well.

Edith Rosenwald Stern, Edgar Bloom Stern (d.1959); Edgar B. Stern Jr. (WDSU radio and TV)
Edith Rosenwald Stern(Mrs. Germon F.Sulzberger, Mrs.Edgar B. Stern)–1895-1980, daughter of Julius Rosenwald (1862-1932), sister of Lessing J. Rosenwald, married Edgar Stern in 1921 following a divorce from Sulzberger. The Rosenwalds owned Sears Roebuck & Co.
   Julius Rosenwald entered the mercantile trade as an apprentice in New York City where he became best friends with Henry Morganthau (Sr.) and Henry Goldman.  Along with brother Morris, Julius Rosenwald moved his clothing business to Chicago and joined with their cousin Julius Weil supplying goods to Sears Roebuck which they eventually came to own. In 1912, Julius Rosenwald became a lifetime director of the Tuskegee Institute**. Soon after, Rosenwald became a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. The Julius Rosenwald Foundation (est.1917) was renown for its philanthropy which included grants to rural counties that agreed to hire agriculture agents in an era of pioneering chemical pesticide use, another proven cause of polio.  In 1933, in concert with the Rockefeller-Carnegie administrators, Flexner brothers (Simon and Abraham), Rosenwald sponsored relocating “refugees” from Germany through the Committee in Aid of Displaced Jewish Scholars based in NYC (directed by Bernard Flexner, protege of Louis Brandeis). Rosenwald’s funds were earmarked for ‘cultural’ scholars versus scientists. Julius and Lessing were both intimate and prodigious correspondents with Abraham Flexner, medical education reformer and founder of Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Study. Throughout the 1920s and 30s, Rosenwald’s lifelong friend Henry Goldman personally paid for the support of physicists Max Born and Albert Einstein, hand-delivering funds to them in Germany during the stressful collapse of the Deutschemark.* Einstein’s future in Princeton was decided by 1932 and possibly at its 1930 founding, remarkably identical in ideology to the later creation of the Salk Institute.
Lessing Rosenwald spent WWII in Washington D.C. as a chief of the Office of Production Management, overseeing US domestic manufacturing. Sears Roebuck’s executive vice-president Donald Marr Nelson was the overall OPM (War Production Board) chairman http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,884602,00.html; Nelson was replaced as WPB chairman in 1944 by Julius A. Krug, utilities specialist/engineer with the Tennessee Valley Authority. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julius_A._Krug ;
 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,847837,00.html . Lessing had previously cofounded the “America First Committee” (in 1940, along with Sears exec. Robert E. Wood)) for war neutrality and the American Council for Judaism, an anti-zionist coalition of Reform Jews  –in both cases, Lessing was in charge of his opposition!
**The Tuskegee Institute became infamous for a syphilis study that used black Americans in a decades-long human experiment, leaving patients untreated. Dr. Susan Reverby is an acknowledged expert on the Tuskegee experiment who has also uncovered another syphilis study (1946-48) involving the USPHS in Guatemala: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2010/10/02/wellesley_professor_unearths_a_horror_syphilis_experiments_in_guatemala/
* An interesting anecdote about German currency in the 1930s is given in the oral history of Philip Kaiser (born ‘Kazas’) and the issuance of special “tourist” Reichemarks, purchased with dollars at severely cut rates to encourage exchange. The special dispensation, however, did not issue special currency –providing identical German marks– though under edict for limited ‘tourist’ expenditures, a thoroughly unenforceable condition. http://trumanlibrary.org/oralhist/Kaiserp.htm  *  
Edgar Bloom Stern Sr. (1886-1959), second son of Maurice Stern and Hannah Bloom, partner in Lehman Stern (orig. Lehman, Neugass & Co., founded by the intrepid ‘carpetbagging’ Lehman Brothers of New York* in 1865) cotton brokerage; married Edith Rosenwald in 1921; president of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange 1927-28 [est.1871].  E.B. Stern founded Dillard University and the Flint-Goodridge teaching hospital for African Americans. “Mrs. Stern noted that she and Mr. Stern ‘have always regarded wealth as a trust to be invested judiciously in humanity’ “. http://www.longuevue.com/pages/founders.htm; “..on the boards (chair), and single largest stockholder, of Sears Roebuck & Co., Charity Hospital, Dillard University, the Orleans Parish Schools, the New Orleans Cotton Exchange, the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, Audubon Park, and the New Orleans City Charter Committee.” http://www.tulane.edu/~lmiller/JewishStudiesNtoS.html  ; Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; Board member of the United States Chamber of Commerce http://www.questia.com/googleScholar.qst?docId=5000592201  Edgar B. Stern had “interests in publishing” accordng to the obituary of his son Edgar Jr http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/sanjuans/sjs/news/30960679.html  WDSU-TV was arranged for Jr. (according to Paul Yacich) who needed a business to run, aided by the Stern’s hireling Lester E. Kabacoff. As a Stern family project manager, Kabacoff oversaw, among other things, the rebuilding of the old St. Louis Hotel into the luxury Royal Orleans Hotel where WDSU opened a studio. http://www.omnihotels.com/FindAHotel/NewOrleansRoyalOrleans/History.aspx
The 1939 American Jewish Committee notes in its annual report that Edgar B. Stern and his brother-in-law William Rosenwald were both on the executive committee along with Lewis L. Strauss, future Atomic Energy Commission chief www.polioforever.wordpress.com/lewis-l-strauss/ ; http://www.ajcarchives.org/AJC_DATA/Files/1939_1940_9_AJCAnnuaReport.pdf
*Lehman brothers “help found the New York Cotton Exchange” which kept its modern office at 4 World Trade Center until 9-11-01. “In the 1930s, Lehman Brothers.. helped found the emerging oil industry, including the companies Halliburton and Kerr-McGee… since [1969] no member of the Lehman family has led the company… in 1975 [Lehmans] merged with..Kuhn, Loeb & Co”. Lehmans kept an office at 3 World Trade Center. http://www.informationdelight.info/encyclopedia/entry/Lehman_Brothers  
Edgar B. Stern Jr. , 1922-2008 – WDSU Radio founder in 1948, first located atop the Hibernia Bank Bldg. In 1950, WDSU moved to the French Quarter at 520 Royal St. where it stayed until 1963, moving out of the old mansion over the year to the corner of Howard and Baronne streets. Stern Jr. was a jet-setter; long-time director of Sears Roebuck; chair of the Royal Street Broadcasting Corporation; owner of Deer Valley Resort in Park City Utah (primary residence), Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco. WDSU, as noted, promoted and produced the recordings of the ‘communist’ Oswald.
Philip M. Stern, predeceased his brother Edgar Jr. in 1992; aide to Henry M. Jackson and Sen.Paul H. Douglas; served the U.S. departments of Interior and State; Deputy Asst. Secretary of State for Public Affairs in the JFK administration; founded the Fund for Investigative Journalism* (1969) which endowed Seymour Hersh to produce his first major work exposing the MyLai Massacre. “He was a reporter and editorial writer for the New Orleans Item newspaper after college”, later acquiring the Arlington (Virginia) Sun newspaper (with coinvesters including George Ball, JFK’s undersecretary of State); author of books The Oppenheimer Case, The Great Treasury Raid (1962), The Shame of a Nation (1965) and The Best Congress Money Can Buy (1988); established the Stern Family Fund http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Philip_M._Stern; Seymour M. Hersh went to great lengths exonerating NUMEC’s Zalman Shapiro from unregulated Israel-bound nuclear materials trafficking in The Samson Option http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seymour_Hersh
*The Fund for Investigative Journalism was chaired by Washington Post reporter Morton Mintz : http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Morton_Mintz

Alton Ochsner:

[Haslam indicates Karl Landsteiner trained the Ochsners in the techniques of blood transfusion. Landsteiner was first to create ‘polio’ filtrate and inject it into monkeys, thereby ‘attenuating’ (mutating) a poliovirus in 1908. The very process of producing filtrate can and does create viruses!]

A memoir of WDSU-TV by one if its founding staff, Paul Yacich, includes a description of filming Dr. Alton Ochsner ‘at work’: [page 8] “Soon after WDSU-TV began its operations in New Orleans [1948], the remote crew was called upon to televise a series of surgical proceedures from the operating rooms of Charity Hospital in New Orleans. These operations were not aired for the general public. The pictures..were fed via microwave link to the Roosevelt Hotel..where a large group of surgeons, attending a medical conference..congregated to view the proceedures…   Some rather high voltages are used in the camera circuitry. Any arcing in the high voltage circuitry could produce rather disastrous results in a closed area in which oxygen is being used… The surgeon operating was Dr. Alton Ochsner. He operated continuously for almost 8 hours, moving from one operating room to the other, back and forth… http://www.walkerpub.com/radio_paulyacichmem_8.html#anchor498767   This same document has more interesting things to relate about the Sterns, the station, Lee Oswald on page 6, and Yacich’s own recollections of WDSU activities, like the time in 1967 some Communist broadcasters from Belgrade came to visit and got Yacich, who had returned to WDSU from service in Naval Intelligence (with top secret clearance) to film the Pontchartrain Causeway for them from a helicopter –CIA approved: “..they wanted to see the Pontchartrain Causeway.. They asked [U.S.I.A.* agent Harold] Morlock if they might shoot 16mm film of the bridge from the air. Morlock tried to get clearance to take the group up in a helicopter but was told that was not possible because of the nearness of the NASA facilities. The U.S.I.A. got clearance to let me go..to shoot the Causeway film..” http://www.walkerpub.com/radio_paulyacichmem_14.html.  *United States Information Agency, founded by Nelson Rockefeller in 1953 and headed by Edward R. Murrow, as a JFK appointee,  in 1961  http://dca.lib.tufts.edu/features/murrow/exhibit/usia.html

Alton Ochsner is listed as a principal investor in ‘Permindex’ http://transbay.net/~nessie/Pages/torbitt.html   a Swiss corporation (“based in Rome”-MCPiper) financed largely by  U.S. oil companies to carry out coordinated tasks of the JFK execution. Torbitt describes Permindex as the head of five front organizations: 1) Czarist Russian exile “solidarists”, 2)a section of the American Council of Christian Churches, 3) Cuban exiles, 4) U.S./Havana syndicate, and 5) NASA’s security division (called DISC, Defense Industrial Security Command, originated in the 1930s as a police force for the Tennessee Valley Authority under David Lilienthal). The FBI’s chapter was called Division Five. According to Torbitt, Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby were members of DISC.

“Dr. [Linus] Pauling [Caltech] and Dr. Alton Ochsner of New Orleans, sons of German immigrants, were old friends. Dr. Ochsner was an extremely powerful old southern ultra military intelligence racist that was implicated in creating pasty, Lee Harvey Oswald, for the assassination of JFK. [35] According to Edward T. Haslam, author of Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus, The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory, Ochsner headed the CIA’s MK DELTA  mind control-assassination program under Dr. Sidney Gottieb, [36] below. MK DELTA involved the use of biochemicals in clandestine operations.”  http://princeraystore.com/2009/06/05/through-the-looking-glass-oakland%E2%80 [>>>polioforever: no such statement is included in the reissued Dr. Mary’s Monkey, however Tulane is mentioned as a CIA MK-Ultra contractor and the name of Sidney Gottlieb is brought up.  According to internet sources**, “Sidney Gottlieb” is a pseudonym. Haslam writes parenthetically, “The name ‘Gottlieb’ shows up frequently in AIDS literature…Dr. Michael S. Gottlieb… Dr. A. Arthur Gottlieb… Please note that I have no information to suggest whether or not there is any relationship between Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Dr. Michael S. Gottlieb, or Dr. A. Arthur Gottlieb, so the reader should be cautious about any such conclusions.” ]**  http://www.physicsdaily.com/physics/Sidney_Gottliebhttp://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKgottlieb.htm These two websites cite Gottlieb’s birth name as Joseph Scheider.

Ochsner family:  Alton Ochsner’s son: (Dr.)Edward W. A. Ochsner Jr – Capt. in the Marines, was a ballistic wound expert; Korean War; document “Experimental Wound Ballistics” from http://history.amedd.army.mil/booksdocs/korea/recad1/ch4-2.htm  (removed from the web); citation found here http://pipl.com/directory/name/Ochsner

 Albert John Ochsner, (uncle A.J.) “Historians often give credit to Ochsner for pioneering sterilization in America. Although Ochsner initially explained that he conducted the operation for therapeutic reasons, his true intentions were quickly revealed in his article on the experimental operation in the Journal of the American Medical Association. His article, entitled “Surgical Treatment of Habitual Criminals,” was mostly concerned with stopping the rising tide of “racial degeneracy” and Ochsner argued that through vasectomy it would be “possible to eliminate all habitual criminals from…having children.” He believed sterilization, through the use of vasectomy, could destroy the classes of criminals, “imbeciles, perverts, and paupers” in America..” http://www.umw.edu/hisa/resources/Student%20Projects/Cincinnati/students.umw.edu/_ncinc5ce/antecedentsandprocedure.html    American physician and surgeon, born April 3, 1858, Baraboo, Sauk County, Wisconsin; died July 25, 1925…Ochsner died of coronary thrombosis. Albert John Ochsner accomplished much in the world of American surgical politics, including the presidencies of the Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America (1910-1912), the American College of Surgeons (1923) and the American Surgical Association (1924). http://www.whonamedit.com/doctor.cfm/1637.html  Albert John Ochsner  practiced at Augustana Hospital and St. Mary of Nazareth (charity) Hospital. Performed the first vasectomy in the U.S. and is known for advocacy of sterilization of “criminal degenerates”.

Ed  Haslam refers to A.J. Ochsner without mentioning that he had died two years before, describing “The hand of his [Alton Ochsner] uncle’s influence can be seen again, when, in 1927, at the age of thirty-one…Ochsner was appointed Head of Surgery at Tulane..” [p172].  The omission leaves an impression that A.J. Ochsner was living at the time, though it has no bearing on events of Dr. Mary’s Monkey. A similar omission, however, concerning Dr. Nicholas Chetta does have a major significance in this story. Chetta’s son was Ed Haslam’s classmate in 1969 and appears to be the source of the cancer-AIDS “monkey virus” theory. Young Chetta’s father would seem to be the real source of that information, but no one could have asked the doctor –he died in 1968, though the impression is given that he was living in ’69.

Ochsner-Sherren treatment http://www.whonamedit.com/synd.cfm/1725.html  (peritonitis)
“Previous to 1890 the most popular treatment was probably the giving of opium; although this was far from ideal, “it had the advantage of taking away the patient’s appetite, relieving pain, and putting the bowels to rest.” – Ochsner. If there were any way to prove it, we should find that next to surgery opium is still the most popular way of treating the disease”

**…”The ovaries had the reputation of causing all the trouble that the flesh of woman was heir to. Oophorectomy was the entering wedge, since then everything contained in the abdomen has become liable to extirpation on the slightest suspicion. Those surgeons of greater dexterity or savagery, I can’t tell which, prided themselves in operating on the more difficult cases. Taking the ovaries out was a very tame affair compared to removing the uterus, tubes and ovaries; hence the surgical adept embraced every opportunity for an excuse to remove everything that is femininely distinctive. About 1890 appendicitis began to attract the attention of those surgically ambitious. The ovariotomy or celiotomy expert began to feel the sting of envy and jealousy aroused by those who were making history in the new surgical fad – appendectomy – and they got busy, and, as disease is not exempt from the economic law of “supply always equals demand,” the disease accommodatingly sprang up everywhere; it was no time before a surgeon who had not a hundred appendectomies to his credit was not respected by the rank and file, and an aspirant for entrance to the circle of the upper four hundred could not be initiated with a record of fewer than one thousand operations.”** http://www.enotalone.com/article/16631.html It cannot be accounted for when x-ray-induced ‘therapeutic’ abortion was initiated in lieu of surgery for women, however Ochsners were early proponents of x-ray use. Citations for x-ray abortions are absent until 1928, when legal sterilizations became the law of the land following the case of Buck v. Bell in the US Supreme Court.

8. A.J. Ochsner, “Surgical Treatment of Habitual Criminals,” Journal of the American Medical Association 53 (1899): 867-868. http://www.umw.edu/hisa/resources/Student%20Projects/Cincinnati/students.umw.edu/_ncinc5ce/bibliography.html

 A.J. Ochsner, BS,MD,LLD, appears with the 1921 “graduating class” picture/rosterof the University of Illinois Medical School http://collections.carli.illinois.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/uic_cmc&CISOPTR=37&CISOBOX=1&REC=19
X-ray treatment
Augustana Hospital [staff] : Albert J. Ochsner, B. S., F. R. M. S., M. D., chief of staff, surgeon in chief; Edward H. Ochsner, B. S., M. D., attending surgeon…
Benjamin J. Ochsner (first cousin to A.J.) Telluride and Durango Colorado; brought the first x-ray equipment to the region; expert pistol marksman, hunter and pioneering “color photographer” Benjamin J. Ochsner, 1869-1953;  Born in Priairie-du-Sac, Wisconsin; “there were medical men and surgeons in his family back to the time of the Crusades…His great-grandfather was a doctor in the service of Napoleon”; B.J.Ochsner attended Rush Medical College, Chicago, and interned at Cook County hospital under his cousin A.J.; studied one year in Europe and set up practice in Telluride Colorado in 1902; In 1903, moved to Durango and “shortly thereafter he started the first of three hospitals he administered there”; brought the first X-ray equipment to Durango; performed the first goiter operations there; took another leave to Vienna Austria where he also put on a pistol-shooting exhibition for the King and Queen of Belgium; B.J.O. was an “internationally famous photographer and pistol shot”; avid hunter with encyclopedic knowledge of the outdoors; he pioneered using color in photographs.”Historical note: after Dr. Ochsner delivered Mr. Nelson’s son James Nelson, at the Ochsner Hospital (now the Gable Bed and Breakfast, in Durango), James weighed 4.25 pounds and Dr. Ochsner told Mrs. Nelson, “I wouldn’t give you a dime for him” — which, needless to say, upset the mother! James Nelson recalls that Dr. Ochsner had an office upstairs in the old Burns National Bank Building on Main Ave., and it always smelled of ether.” http://swcenter.fortlewis.edu/inventory/Ochsner.htm
Edward Herman Ochsner – “An article written in 1935 by Edward Ochsner MD entitled “Colloidal Gold in Inoperable Cancer” written by Edward H. Ochsner, M.D. stated, “When the condition is hopeless, Colloidal Gold helps prolong life and makes life much more bearable, both to the patient and to those about them, because it shortens the period of terminal cachexia (general physical wasting and malnutrition usually associated with chronic disease) and greatly reduces pain and discomfort and the need of opiates (narcotics) in a majority of instances.” http://www.colloidalgold.net/c-gold_history.htm
 “Yuppie flu is one of a number of names given to the condition of general malaise and fatigue accompanied by various troublesome infections which results when the body for one reason or another becomes chronically run down. The condition is known also as chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis. The malaise of chronic fatigue was described in a book published in the 1920s called Chronic Fatigue Intoxication by Edward H. Ochsner, BS MD FACS, Professor of Clinical Surgery, University of Illinois, in which he described the connection between toxemia and the state of disease: ‘Long-continued, excessive use of narcotics and alcoholic stimulants favor its development.
“That mental over-work and emotional over-stimulation are often contributory causes is quite evident…over-working and overeating..’ …Because many common bad lifestyle habits are accepted as normal and apparently harmless, and because their damaging effects are insidious and not clearly related to the lowered vitality they gradually cause, when the symptoms begin–fatigue, swollen glands, sore throat, headaches, etc–the lifestyle factors escape scrutiny and it is assumed some sort of germ or virus is responsible.[etc, ad nauseum] ” http://chestofbooks.com/health/natural-cure/Ross-Horne/Health-and-Survival-in-the-21st-Century/Yuppie-Flu.html  

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