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They Don’t Call It Polio Anymore…unless they need too

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…it’s Acute Flaccid Paralysis, mercury poisoning, lead poisoning, meningitis, Parkinson’s, Guillain-Barre, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s and the list goes on. How is that possible? What are the polio-like diseases and how does cancer fit into this picture?

  Jonas Salk                                          Most Americans remember something like this…or they read it in a history book

 A vaccine line in Texas, c.1955            

Dr. Ralph Scobey called the polio vaccine campaign “the largest medical experiment in history”…it’s still going..                                          


 They said polio was caused by tiny polioviruses, the smallest human virus

 Karl Landsteiner, in Vienna, found the virus in 1908

F. D. Roosevelt caught it in 1921, except it’s not contagious. It was called infantile paralysis. He was 39 years old.

 But FDR didn’t have polio afterall, they said –he had Guillain-Barre Syndrome…..and the picture starts getting a little bigger.

 West Nile Virus causes the same illness

They also say that “wild polio” came back to North America becausesome people refuse vaccination.

Three years before a few Amish children became sick with polio in 2005, they made the virus from scratch in a lab at Stony Brook in New York. They said from now on, everbody has to have the vaccine –because terrorists might make virus and launch a biological attack.



Biological warfare was described by Australia’s Frank Macfarlane Burnet as the best means for a small and scattered population to defend itself against ‘hordes’ of would-be invaders. Burnet recommended ‘intestinal’ agents to his government, assumed to have been readily adopted as a matter of policy.  Making your enemies sick affects a great cost upon the living! Isn’t this the situation today? Isn’t chronic illness a great TAX upon the nations, sapping productivity, wealth and resources to be reconcentrated in the hands of others? Isn’t this the very definition of a Cold War,  undermining of the foundations of a state? Who benefitted from the ‘intestinal agent’ of polio and when did it start?


1892 marks a watershed year for polio in the United States. Researcher Janine Roberts writes that lead-arsenate was deployed as a pesticide in New England. The same year, Ivanovsky in Russia made the first transfer of virus to healthy plants and in New York City and the owner of R.H. Macy’s department store, millionaire philanthropist Nathan Straus, launched the campaign to pasteurize milk –a campaign that was carried worldwide by this devotedly zealous Zionist who bought the science and support he needed in an alliance with other influential Zionists of his day– Dr. Milton Rosenau, Dr. Abraham Jacobi, Simon Flexner and the Rockefeller Institute. The collaborations for medical research in New York City set a model for establishing the US Public Health Service (1902), developed from its predecessor, the Marine Hospital Service. At the time, few of the ‘enlightened’ leadership in US politics could have foreseen the large outcomes of ‘health’ trends initiated at the beginning of the 20th century, but in the community of researchers, they knew…they always knew.

Simon Flexner published his observations in 1896 of gut bacteria “wandering through the intestinal walls” through “imperceptible lesions” that allowed a blood-borne dissemination of pathogens to invade other organs –the lungs, heart, kidneys, etc.– where they then produced diseases of infection, most notably incurable pneumonia. The next year, it was remarked that “artificial treatments” on these colon bacteria caused them to become virulent –the kind of treatments is not described, however, examples in the general literature used chemical poisons and X-rays. In the same publication, Rockefeller’s research magazine the Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM), articles appeared on the quality and benefits of mother’s milk delivered in the tone of a warning that any substitutes devised by science should seek as close to a real approximation as was technically possible. It simply didn’t happen — to this day, comparable substitutes do not exist.  In time, pasteurization, bottle and formula-feeding were pushed as superior and many opportunistic objectives were met. Dairy produce was the most valuable of agricultural products: the industry came under an equalization by the enforced means of pasteurizing: inferior quality milk from “swill dairies” gained a par with wholesome farm product, and the added expenses of processing drove many small farmers out of the marketplace. Hereditary immunity and essential growth factors were lost to the new generations of bottle-babies, and it became very clear that the sensitive human intestinal tract was disarmed and damaged by the combination of ‘dead milk’, chemical poisons, and X-rays.

Simon Flexner, as the director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, held a proprietary exclusivity over polio research that has no equivalent in history. No one at the RIMR was allowed to study polio without his permission. Dr. Flexner reproduced the experiment of poliovirus isolation that was done by Karl Landsteiner in 1908 and soon public health officials were pressured to find it wherever epidemics broke out. The entire field of medical practice and education quickly became dependent on the research institutions like RIMR for information as ‘reform’ was economically forced on a national scale through the imposition of standards derived from the “Flexner Report”, a survey from the Carnegie General Education Board that was conducted by Simon’s younger brother Abraham.

The first great outbreak of polio happened in 1916 as the United States was preparing to enter World War One. On July 31, in the deep of night, a weapons and supply cache amassed by train at the railhead on Black Tom Island that jutted into the NYC harbor blew sky-high, ignited from a barge loaded with TNT.  Over 50 explosion-related deaths on the Jersey side were reported in the papers. Black Tom Island was reduced to ash. Within 2 weeks, a small outbreak of a few dozen cases reported in July erupted into thousands of victims throughout the city with the greatest concentration in the burrough of Brooklyn. Unprecendented quarantine was levied on the city’s citizens. Simon Flexner took charge of the Public Health response: children were forcibly taken from their parents; stray animals were euthanized; immigrant neighborhoods were targeted; and detailed ‘health’ surveys collected by an army of nurses. The results of those measures were never made public, even in 1963 when the Rockefeller released some of the documents for academic study. An interesting ‘coincidence’ of timing in 1963 is that the new Salk Institute in California was directed (as chairman, from New York ) by the “Black Tom Island” lawyer, John J. McCloy who prosecuted the bombing case after WWI and found no culprits for the nation’s largest act of domestic terror before the recent events of Oklahoma City and September 11th. Germany was held responsible for WWI reparations in 1938, which it continued to pay on top of WWII reparations. In 1963, it also became public news that the Salk and Sabin vaccines were contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40, now known as the most useful biological agent in creating  artificial transgenic lifeforms. How deep does this experiment go?

The story of polio makes a whole cloth of the war against people. The viral filtrate obtained by Simon Flexner in 1916 was passaged (attenuated) through the brains of monkeys, producing a highly infectious neurotropic “mixed virus” (MV) strain. More recently, Dr. John Martin, commenting on the practice, said  ” the whole philosophy now [is] that it is dangerous to switch species and take potential viruses from one species and introduce them to another…”. In this same WWI era, the viruses of bacteria were also being manipulated by another self-taught microbiologist, Felix d’Herelle, and we are left to wonder if the 1918 outbreak of Spanish Flu resulted from the intentional weaponizing of microbes. The Spanish Flu was a myriad of undefined illnesses. Its most devastating effects closely resembled a hemorrhagic plague that killed within hours.  A lesser illness infected the Paris Peace delegations in the months after the November armistice, including Woodrow Wilson and his advisor Edward Mandell House who both experienced a rapid decline in mental and physical health. Franklin Delano Roosevelt as assistant Secretary of the Navy also contracted the Spanish Flu in 1918. Within 3 years, FDR succumbed to polio.

The Rockefeller organization ‘spread its wings’ in 1916, forming the International Health Board modeled on the stateside Sanitary Commission which exploited the lack of medical infrastructure in foreign countries and contracted with their governments to create an elaborate system of  ‘experiment stations’ and disease surveillance. In this way, Rockefeller money paved a world network of  teaching and laboratory facilities in concert with the intrepid medical incursions of  French and British neo-colonials. They were carving up the world for its spoils in the name of medicine.

In 1955, when Salk IPV was approved and distributed, Nelson Rockefeller clinched the “official U.S. policy” coup of the century, opening the way for both the “Atoms for Peace” global program and an escalation of nuclear arms that became known as MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).  At the time, Rockefeller held the job as “Special Assistant for Psychological Warfare” to President Eisenhower, one of a few unelected federal jobs obtained by Nelson Rockefeller, culminating in his appointed Vice presidency under Gerald Ford, himself appointed.  Not by chance, Salk and Sabin effectively pressured Ford to urge Americans to take the swine flu vaccines of 1976.  About that time, another round of previously unknown and deadly diseases, like Ebola and Legionnaire’s, was emerging in the world with a fury. Yet to be acknowledged was the phenomenal spread of  a syndrome process leading to total immune collapse. Lower lifeforms and transgenic crops are presently experiencing species collapse, and strangely, this is part of the Polio Story too.



Graph from http://www.wellwithin1.com/pol_all.htm

This graph was designed only to bolster the DDT cause of polio, and yet it more accurately supports the  radiation cause,  strengthening an argument that pesticide poison data helps to cover-up the mass irradiation of the public. In reality, it does not. Careful perusal of this graph demonstrates radiation exposure, including the accident at Chernobyl (but not Three Mile Island until cumulative problems emerged between 1982-83). There’s nothing on the graph for 1979, yet it is famously known within the polio story that outbreaks among the Amish in 1979 were the “last wild polio” cases in North America. It simply doesn’t rate. The first burp on the line appears in 1887 and disappears completely in 1967. It’s assumed that less than one thousand recorded polio cases in a given year don’t show at all, because Zero cases in any year since the 1890s, the introduction of x-rays and radium,  has never happened. In 1983, the line takes off like a rocket with the inclusion of ‘post-polio’ diagnosis (cumulative TMI fallout from ‘venting’), peaking in 1986 (Chernobyl), dropping fast to 1991 and falling as rapidly as the ’83 rise over the course of 1992, where it levels near the case-rate of 10,000.

This NIH graph also corresponds to radiation:  http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1473032&rendertype=figure&id=F2

Particular spikes on the graph appear in these years:

1916 — needle spike, approx 40,000 cases; 27,000 cases were reported in the US. Radium and ‘thorotrast’ went into wide use. X-ray therapy was enormously popular. DDT use, which is thought to be negligable before the 1930s,  in this WWI timeframe is very uncertain as imported chemicals became severely restricted by the war. Nitrates, newly widespread since mass production began in 1913, are a major suspect cofactor in the surge of flu and polio-like illness.

1931 –approx. 15,000 cases; a modest spike for the settling ‘deep’ of the Great Depression. Ernest O. Lawrence was making good on his contract to supply radio-chemicals for experimental medicine as were other contractors in developed nations. This spike, as the highest case rate of the 30s, predates the agricultural reforms of FDR’s New Deal policy in the US and cannot logically be representative of DDT unless the numbers generate from outside the US. (the US accounts for most the world’s polio before the 1970s). Canada became a major exporter of radium, one million times more radioactive than uranium, in 1931.

1943 — It’s getting late in the war. All the confounding stresses are present.  Army history records the greatest number of influenza cases worldwide. Enriched uranium and plutonium production is set into high gear for the Manhattan project. Los Alamos director Robert Oppenheimer proposes that ‘dirty’ radiation devices could be used instead of the sought-after A-bomb (a suggestion passed to him by colleague Enrico Fermi who attained the step of a controlled  ‘reactor’ in December ’42). Canada’s first ‘medical’ reactor was up and running by 1943. Did they run contamination experiments? Stafford Warren and Harold Hodge were contaminating the area around the University of Rochester from materials secretly shipped from MIT by Robley Evans.

1945 –Three detonations (Trinity, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki) disperse quantitave atmospheric fallout and the continuing build-up of medicinal reactor products are distributed for biological study.

1946 –Operation Crossroads sent out 2 major blasts of fallout. The second shot, the underwater near surface ‘Baker’ test, was a particularly dirty test. Decontamination proceedures by the USNavy were ineffectual. ‘Hot’ materials and ships were towed to Hawaii and San Francisco for a lengthy clean-up. In Tennessee, Monsanto was packaging radiopharmaceuticals and sending them to labs and hospitals around the country.

1948-49 –Operation Sandstone in ’48 (3 shots) repollutes the global atmosphere with fresh fallout. Health Physics organizes an intensive program of radiological studies using X-rays and radionucleides. The 3 spikes in ’45, ’46, and ’48-49 correspond to testing. The intentional radiation releases, called Green Run, from Hanford, WA began in ’49. In August, the Soviets detonated their first test. There were no tests in 1947 or 1950, hence no spikes on this graph. Could DDT do that?

1952 –all-time peak polio(52 and 53) of 58,000 (+) cases, matched on this graph with the height of 1986 ‘post-polio’. Bioaccumulation of radiation effects were showing. In 1951, the Nevada Test Site ran 2 operations; testing resumed in the spring of 52 and again in 53. The Marshall Islands had a series each year. Radioactvie rain and snow were coming down from NTS fallout, exacerbated by the weather experiments of Irving Langmuir and in the late summer of ’53 the Soviets fired off their first thermonuclear device. Diagnostic criteria began changing where the case numbers fall.

1955 — notch on the graph; Operation Teapot spread fresh fallout in the US after a hiatus at the NTS during ’54. The introduction of SALK vaccine in April contributed ‘provocation’ polio cases. After this point, redefined diagnoses erased the polio label.

1959 — notch on the graph; looking for a toxic radiological cause or confounding cause suggests that the Santa Susana meltdown near Pasadena CA factors into this spike; significant nuclear ballistics were being tested and the USSR was intensively testing large warheads, as was the US in anticipation of a moratorium. Over 200 atomic tests by US personnel were kept off the records, announced finally by Hazel O’Leary in ’94. It’s unknown how many covert missile detonations took place at this time but ballistic advances from earlier tests (57-58) suggest high altitude blasts over open ocean were the likely source of contributing fallout.

The line goes flat for 1965, and from 1967 to 1983 –where did the polio-like illness go? DDT usage cannot explain this and the pesticide was not ‘cancelled’ overnight. US DDT production continued until 1972 when it met its first domestic ‘ban’. According to newly instituted enforcement, previously stored (before ’72) DDT was not banned from proscribed use until 1976 when complete discontinuance in the US was finally put in place. DDT continued to be used outside the US. Where are those numbers?

1983 –recognition of ‘post-polio’ as a diagnosable disease entity had been championed since the late 70s. The first organized congresses of post-polio sufferers took place in 1981. Awareness and education accounts for this sudden spike, however, a striking correspondence and example of obfuscation can be drawn from the “venting” of Three Mile Island which grew beyond a local political problem in 1981. [see the Fallout page].

1986 –Peaking comparable to 1953. April 26, 1986, Ukraine explosion and massive contamination from Chernobyl –this was a horrifically ‘dirty’ and under-reported event. A claim is made that the US used the Chernobyl accident to hide ‘venting’ from the NTS underground. Did other countries with waste and weapons do this as well? Venting from Three-Mile Island continued from reactor core damage which was not fully assessed until 1987.

In 1992, the level drops precipitously to a steadier state of ongoing illness. US and treaty nations’ nuclear test operations are supposed to have ceased in this year. The USSR no longer existed. A dip followed by a rise appears in 1997– can this be from radioactive and metallic ingredients in ‘chemtrails’ , or is there a marked increase in nuclear activity and radiation?



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